North of the Draiman Combine lay vast plains ruled by the Telarok, a people known for the quality of their horses and their horsemanship skills.

These wide, unchanging plains are mostly dotted with the occasional forest and cut through with broad, slow moving rivers. The most notable features are near the eastern half of the land, where a single range of mountains rising from the plains, which local myths say were pushed up from underneath by titans who tried to break free millennia ago. Further east is a vast, mysterious forest populated by elves and other fey, which the Telarok respect and avoid. There are only a few cities in the vast wilderness of Telaria, the largest of which, Cloudwalk, might be called the capital, as it is the place where the nomadic tribes meet once per year to overwinter and hold council. The tribes of Telaria tend towards mobile warfare, their skilled horsemen favoring bows, javelins and sabres. While other nations tend to view them as chaotic, unpredictable and dangerous, the Telarok have strict laws and codes of conduct – and little tolerance for outsiders’ ignorance of them. That said, they are said to be very tolerant of many other intelligent species as they share their plains with all sorts of ‘evil’ races – Orcs, Goblins, Gnolls and more.

Separate from the Telarok, another tribe inhabit the area around Cloudwalk, the Tajj Kacisi, who are often employed as guards by the people of the city. The Telarok respect the Tajj, but whether this is because the Tajj respect the freedoms and traditions of the Telarok or because the Telarok have never successfully conquered the Tajj is unknown.

Alignment Lawful Neutral
Enemies Molgar
Allies Telar Elves
Primary Races *Human, Elf
*Sub-nations (Major Tribes)
Telarok, Tajj Kacisi
Notable Races Gnome
Capital City Cloudwalk

Major Cities of Telaria
City Name Description Population
Jeron’s Well


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