Human Pantheon

Temur, Major Deity, Father of the Gods, Patron of Politicians, Earth, and Safety;
Father of the Gods

Alignment: Lawful Neutral Symbol: Crown and Coin
Domains: Law, Protection, Strength, Earth, Nobility Weapon: Broadsword

Priests of Temur are often consulted on the rule of law and in some places, asked to act as judges. Usually dressed in white and yellow vestments, priests of Temur will wear silver and gold armor when they take the field.

Laifa, Major Deity, Mother of the Gods, Patron of Mother, Home, Childbearing, and Water;
Mother of the Gods

Alignment: Neutral Good Symbol: Wheat and Scepter
Domains: Animal, Good, Healing, Protection, Water Weapon: Mace

Priests of Laifa are usually dressed in browns and tans

Murgle, Major Deity, Lord of the Underworld, Guardian of the Dead;
First son of Laifa

Alignment: Neutral Evil Symbol: Skull & Vines, Festering Hand
Domains: Death, Destruction, Evil, War, Fire Weapon: Scythe

Grunnush, Major Deity, God of Air, Patron of Chaos, Disorder, Fear, and Weakness;
Second son of Laifa

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Symbol: Bird
Domains: Air, Chaos, Destruction, Trickery, Weather Weapon: Composite Longbow

Palenon, Major Deity, God of Goodness and Light, Patron of Warriors, Glorious Deeds, and Life;
Third son of Laifa

Alignment: Lawful Good Symbol: The Sun (with a Face)
Domains: Good, Healing, Sun, War, Glory Weapon: Morning Star

Priests of Palenon are often dressed in reds and white robes. In battle, they trade those for armor and

Marsa, Minor Deity, Goddess of Love, Patron of Lovers, Spring, and Fertility;
Daughter of Laifa

Alignment: Chaotic Good Symbol: The Moon
Domains: Animal, Healing, Plant, Charm, Madness Weapon: Long bow, Short bow (including composite)

Elise, Minor Deity, the Traveler, Patron of Shadows, Secrets, and Pain;
Daughter of Murgle

Alignment: Chaotic Evil Symbol: Mirror
Domains: Travel, Darkness, Knowledge, Magic, Evil Weapon: Quarterstaff

Elise is unique among all the pantheons as she accepts clerics from all alignments except Lawful Good.
Followers of Elise are usually found wandering the roads and cities of the world. They are dressed in comfortable traveling clothes and sometimes carry a staff with a mirror. The temples to Elise are considered to be waystations open to any. If a priest is in attendance, it is usually because they are just passing through.

Vurda, Minor Deity, Lord of Hate and Decay;
Daughter of Murgle

Alignment: Lawful Evil Symbol: Laughing Skull
Domains: Death, Destruction, Earth, Evil, Law Weapon: Two Handed Sword

Priests of Vurda shave their heads and often add tattoos to their scalps. They also dye their arms and hands black. Temples to Vurda are dark and windowless.

The Unaligned
A few human clerics align themselves not with any particular god, but rather represent the eternal balance of the universe. These generalist clerics are simply referred to as Reverends or Ministers.

Alignment: True Neutral Symbol: Scales
Domains: Any two Weapon: Warhammer

Human Pantheon

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