Council of Ten

Rulers of the City of Draima, the Council of Ten consists of a single seat for a High Archon from each major school, a seat for the Elementalist High Archon, and a seat for a representative of the clergy.

Council seats

School House Colors Notes
Abjuration Scheuk Yellow/White
Conjuration Voco Green
Divination Augraine Blue/Grey
Enchantment Shilios Pale Blue
Evocation Galdin Red/Purple
Illusion Kedris Orange/Yellow
Necromancer Dilios Grey/Red
Transmutation Thereatia Green/Blue
Elemental Valadur (Earth)
Trinerad (Air)
Tanalia (Fire)
Shael (Water)
The seat of the Elemental Archon rotates between houses
Grand Inquisitor By priest tradition Held primarily by the high priest of Temur,
Occasionally held by a priest of Palenon
Rarely held by a priest of Vurda.

Open Council is held before attending Tribunes – representatives from cities and towns across the Draiman Combine. Topics are general governance – laws, taxes, foreign policy. While the laws of the Combine require at least 6 of the Council to be in attendance so they may make decisions in Open Council, in practice it is more common for 3 Councilors to be in attendance – usually the Grand Inquisitor, the youngest member of the Council, and one other Councilor, the choice of which seems random.

Closed Council is held with just the Council of 10 outside of the public eye.

The seats are reserved for the most senior master of a particular school, regardless of pedigree. However, for the past 300 years, the seats have fallen to established wizard houses, names that have become synonymous with the kind of magic they are best known for.

Council of Ten

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