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  • History of the Combine

    Timeline of Draima:

    |_.Year |_.Event | | Exodus | Refugees from the [[Old World]] flee north to escape the vast wars and death that have raged for decades. | | 0 | Colonization of [[Draima]] (aka Foundation) | | 29 | Found [[Gaipur]] | | …

  • Tesra

    The City of Tesra is the capital of the [[Tesra Republic]]. A port city, hemmed in by steep, rocky mountains, the natural bay was enhanced by a breakwater and a pair of large fortresses guarding the entrance. The palace of the Grand Duke overlooks the bay …

  • Tesra Republic

    The Tesra Merchants were once an outlying city-state of the [[Draiman Combine]], a large peninsula on [[Main Page | Yerth]] dominated by a mountainous ridge along the center of it and large, well-formed natural harbors all along the coast. These harbors, …

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