Return of Hadrach

Tesran Blood and Draiman Magic


The immediate threat ended, the party took stock of the situation, and after talking to Father Stephanos, learned there is a Draiman Abjurer that was hired to create a dimensional lock around the palace.
The party charged to her aid and successfully saved her from an attack from several devils. The party killed most of them, but a few fled. Introduced as High Archon Erisia Scheuk, she explained that she needed 50,000 gp of diamond dust, and two hours to complete the ritual.
At this point, the infernal’s attack was done, as they were all dead or had retreated.
The city set to picking up the pieces, and counting the dead and missing.
Nilson VonCrosia’s shattered egg was found shattered in the street. No trace of his body was found.

Over the next couple hours, the party helped rescue survivors, organized refugees fleeing to the perceived safety of the southern fortress and others who demanded entry into the palace fortress. They lent assistance to the dwarven warship Typhoon, the only ship that escaped the destruction of the harbor, and set up some of the Sparrows to work as spies in the city, should it become necessary.

The party obtained the 50,000 gp of diamond dust from the palace treasury. According to the VonCrosia’s Master of Coin, it consumed all of the diamonds in the treasury. They helped crush the diamonds into the appropriate spell components, and got Erisia set up to complete the dimensional lock.

Finally, they sat down with Stephanos and the Tears of Marsa, transcribing it to learn the requirements of the ritual, and to complete the ritual it describes.
A chamber is being constructed under the palace for the ritual.
The party also checked in on Anmor. It seems she’s in the cell and asleep when checked on. The cloth and protective spells were back in place.


Striogi Striogi

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