Return of Hadrach

The Slaves and the Dragon

15-Grunni through 24-Grunni

Once the blizzard cleared, the party continued on through the snow, north and east towards Urga.

Finding a group of escaped Mongrelman slaves, they promised to protect the slaves to the city of Urga.

Three days of travel passed since the snow cave before a white dragon was spotted flying through the sky. Demands made, bargains offered, and it was settled that the party would offer one of their horses for the dragon to feast upon. Halfway through the meal, Shakaari and Marigold convinced the party to attack the dragon – it didn’t go well; Shakaari and Marigold were both killed, Ragnar, Fletcher and Griangi all nearly killed as well.

Kia took Jinora, Elvira, their guide, and the slaves away from the battle.

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Even though he is clearly fatigued and no longer invigorated by his wrath, you can still see the characteristic manic glint in Griangi’s overlarge Gnomish eyes. Foam flecks the corners of his mouth.
“This is war. This is a Hunt. The time is now, while he is wounded. We can recover by tomorrow. Maybe he can’t.”
He looks at each of you as he speaks, but seems not to see you.
“He will have dropped blood in the snow in his flight, so we could track him. Maybe we can still scry on him, even without our lost friends. Elvira, Jinora, Fletcher, Akiara, Ezra, Jarbold, we have to destroy this thing, or forever call ourselves cowards. If we reincarnate our fallen, it will be into a world without the thing that killed them.”
It is clear to you that Griangi is hell-bent on revenge.
After Griangi finishes raging for 12 rounds Elvira looks at Griangi and calmly asks “are you finished now?” After an awkward pause she looks at him and yells “of all the idiotic,
moronic, stupid ideas you have EVER had, teleporting on the back of a FUCKING DRAGON has got to be the WORST IDEA yet! WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING?!” “I was…” Griangi starts “YOU DO NOT GET TO FUCKING TALK RIGHT NOW!” Elvira falls into the snow, crying. “….I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but everyone around me dies. Our friends….my family is in shambles…so wether you like it or not Griangi, you are all I have left. This isn’t just about honor, or saving the world, or Hadrach any more. Because if you die….I have no reason to be here anymore. And incase you didn’t notice, I don’t have enough healing spells to save everyone, I’m not a fucking cleric of Amalle.” She cries into the snow, picking it up and throwing it away from her like a child throwing a temper tantrum
For an uncharacteristic moment, Griangi is speechless. His eyes focus and become less bloodshot. He wipes the foam from his patch of wiry beard and the aggressive tension melts out his body, his shoulders dropping as his posture loses its primal hunch. He looks at Elvira silently for a moment as he seems to struggle with something you can’t quite fathom.

“Elvira, you have to find something more important to live for than me.”

He walks off, in search of Dragon’s blood.
I call a bolt of lighting, landing three feet away from him, right in his path. As Griangi looks back in shock, she gives him a glare that practically digs into his soul. Turns into a vulture and then goes to heal Fletcher and collect the others bones
Griangi amplifies his voice to the volume of a dragon’s roar and yells after her, “You’re mad? GOOD. Be mad at the thing that killed your friends. Use your anger. Find its power. Your tears don’t give you strength, but your anger does. Let it be your spear as you hunt your true enemy!”
Flecher I will kill this dragon forget taming I WILL BECOME THE DRAGON SLAYER!
While her cheeks are only a little damp, it’s clear from Jinora’s red, puffy eyes that she’s been crying. Her voice cracks a little as the responds to Griangi’s war cry.

“I swore to myself that I’d protect Shakaari… Marigold… I wish I could have been there to help them. I—” She stifles a sob, “You bet your ass I’m gonna help take that dragon down!”
…Evgeni stares at you all like you’re flippin’ idiots. You overhear Evgeni metion to Kia: “City of Urga only 2 days avay. Ve get dere mid-day, day after tomorrow. Ve get dere, ve vill probably be safe from Vite Death.”
After Griangi’s speech and Elvira’s tantrum, Kia looks at Griangi and says one word. “No.” Then she walks purposefully back over to Evgeni.
Evgeni clears his throat. “I vill do as elf noble says. No worse than leading her Veedma, I suppose.” He looks at Kia, “I gave vord of contract to Veedma Marigold. If you still villing to pay to get to Vershina, I take you to Vershina. If not, den I drop you off in Urga. If you vish to chase Vite Death… vell, I point in direction for you to go and vait for you to come back…” he shrugs, “but not too long.”

Flecher He gets so upset over what she said that he screams at Kia and says “your friends may have started this fight but they are still your friends I grew up with none! You should consider yourself lucky to have them! And if they face a dragon, then you should face it with them instead of running away and leaving them to die! Now that I know this group better, I understand that I will never stick my neck out for you two ever again! I may not have gotten along with the dwarf, but I still consider her my friend! I will one day avenge her! I am glad to hear that there is a chance for Marigold! She was a true friend and companion. But know this Princess, I will never forgive you for what you have done, and you will never have my trust, and I will see you in the dark pits of Hell when we are both dead.
“I am sorry I couldn’t do more master Griangi, and sorry for the teleporting thing. Mistress Elvira that was my idea, I will be sure to keep a leveler head next time. Now let’s head to the next town and bring back our friend and continue with what needs to happen.” At that he storms (with no horse) towards where Evgeni pointed is the next town

What does Evgeni say about the availability of magic items in Urga? Like Teleport scrolls or Overland Flight spells? Would people sell them at a discount to would-be Dragon Slayers?
At the questions about Urga, a scowl crosses Evgeni’s features. "Urga is… probably best place to meet Uchoneh… Is also best place to buy rare slaves – many for sale dere. City is always looking for ways to make stronger defenses, so maybe is good to find magic you looking for. I do not know – Urga is place for me to avoid – because of Uchoneh and slavers.
“Save money to buy tings to slay dragons? Maybe. Dey say Vite Death, he avoids cities, so maybe dey do not care about him so much.
“I tell you dis dough: is bad place to be caught alone. Maybe show up on selling block soon after. Maybe show up in street, frozen and dead. Also, is part of Kingdom of Voronezh, with Kalach. So ve hope Highness Kozlov not change mind about you.”
You don’t have Knowledge: Arcane to make a guess as to how long it might take for the dragon to recover. Jarbold (Know check 27) tells you that he thinks it might take about 4 or 5 days for the dragon to recover from his wounds, if he doesn’t have any magical healing.
Jarbold speaks with Evgeni (Diplomacy 19), and Griangi listens in (sense motive 9) and determines that with Urga, it comes down to:
1. It’s a dangerous place if you walk around alone or in small groups.
2. There are a higher percentage of wizards there, mainly tolerated by their ability to help defend the city. So while it is unlikely that you will be able to hire one away from the city, it is likely that you could get them to either sell you or make you something to help with fighting the dragon.
3. Count Artem is unlikely to care about the dragon – the city has not been attacked by any dragons as far as Evgeni has ever heard, and the Count’s focus has always been on defending the city for his cousin, his Highness Kozlov of Kalach.
Let’s talk compass points. From where you are, Urga is at about 40-ish degrees NE. The Dragon flew off at about 345-ish degrees N-NW.
Jarbold and Griangi draw some triangles in the snow and figure out that the mountains are 4-5 days away if the group goes through Urga. At first, Griangi declares this unacceptable, until Jarbold points out in his newfound Irish Hobbit accent that even if we don’t go through Urga, the dragon will likely be fully healed by the time we get to him. Griangi comes around after realizing that surprizing Nazal while he’s vulnerable might only happen if we go through Urga.

Thrandir was once again returned to the party by his mother, the prophet ___.

Upon arriving in Urga several on the 19th of Grunni, the party spent a week (24th of Grunni) having the Druids returning Marigold and Shakaari to life and restoring them. Shakaari much the worse for wear – her sanity broken as soon as she discovered she was now a Gnome. Due to her damaged mind, she was held at the druid enclave in Urga while Thrandir took her place.
Marigold seems more sane, despite her being a gnoll.

During the week of gathering their resources and waiting for Marigold’s recovery, the party met a priest of Marsa who joined the group in a plan to kill Nazal in his lair.

On the 24th (Akiara’s birthday), the majority of the party set out to attack Nazal. Unfortunately the plan went awry, with only half of them (Marigold, Elvira, Thandir, Jinora and Pannya) arriving in the dragon’s lair. The others (Griangi, Jarbold, Fletcher and Raksis) only teleporting a short distance from the city. Attempting to flee, the members of the failed attack split up.
Over the next 12 hours, Nazal tracked down and killed Marigold, Thrandir and Jinora, and captured Pannya.

Griangi and Fletcher arrived in the dragon’s lair about 30 minutes later with the wizard Tora to find everyone missing. Searching the canyons was fruitless, so they returned to Urga to prepare new spells and find the missing members of the party.


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