Return of Hadrach

The Fortress and the King

24-Galenui through 27-Galenui

The party’s arrival in Vershina was accomplished via teleport, and there they discovered a highly-ordered military city full of a wide variety of civilians, including members of the Sawtooth Orc tribe: Orcs who work for and with the city’s militia to defend the Border Kingdoms from the enemies from the Frozen North.

Spending a short time in the city, Elvira was mugged and some of her items stolen. The party’s investigation led them to learn that Vershina has an entire underground farming area where they grow food and raise livestock over the winter under magically generated light and heat.

Having not found her items and not willing to delay much longer, the party chose to spend the next day searching, and if nothing turned up, continue on to Uliss.

The next morning they were awakened in the early hours by a city-wide search by the military and the Brothers of Torvash. Nine children had been kidnapped in the last several days. They figured searching the city would turn up the children, but the search was unsuccessful. The party conducted their own search, which led them under the city into the sewers, where they interrupted a ritual being held by a priest, 8 acolytes and a warrior. Inside the chamber, the party located not only Elvira’s items, but also the 9 missing children. Unable to stop the ritual completely, the children were sacrificed to bring a Bastion of Hell.
The party successfully stopped the Bastion, destroyed the Seed and killed the cultists.

That evening after they had explained the events to Marshal Vaclav, they returned to their inn where they prepared to teleport to Tabak.

Before they left, they met a young man with strangely large eyes who thanked them for saving his city and warned them to be careful of the Neagod Bogh.


Striogi Striogi

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