Return of Hadrach

Saving Lives


After rescuing Conrad, the party quickly discussed their options and decided that leaving Syndic Kopf alive and free was a bad option, especially if it meant the Crossroads Legion was able to lay claim to any magic items stored in the tower.

The party charged forward, some helping Crossroads Legion to gain access to the tower, others attempting to climb the upper levels where the windows were. Lightning bolts, arrows and other spells rained down, and the party did their best to protect themselves while assaulting the tower. Unbeknownst to the party, Syndic Kopf had already fled to Draima and left his apprentices and the Draiman Guard to hold the tower. This gave the Draimans enough time to prepare a counter-attack.

The first hint was was a small pop and a small glowing bead, which was quickly identified as a delayed blast fireball. The people closest to the bead fled, escaping just before the bead detonated, creating a massive blast, scattering unfortunate mercenaries and the bodies of the dead across the courtyard. As the smoke and ash cleared from the explosion, swept away into the vortex created by the burning keep behind them, five figures stand in the blackened, shallow crater. Two gleaming elite Draiman guards: Ast Hetairoi, an armored cleric in the livery of Temur, and two Draiman wizards; a high-ranking Theurge and his apprentice. Their dark glares and battle-ready stance lending to the palpable aura of menace around them.

The Theurge demanded the surrender of everyone in the courtyard, battle paused for a moment, confused at the newcomers. Shakaari, thinking quickly, was able to establish her credentials as a sanctioned wizard, and hold off their attack. Seconds later, 16 additional Draiman hoplites arrived in groups of 4 via teleport. The party surrendered and Shakaari presented the writ of promotion, her orders to replace the deceased Syndic Kopf, to the wizard who introduced himself as Theurge Chidel. He accepted the party’s reasons for attacking the tower and ordered them back to the inn.

The city was placed under martial law, only official business allowed on the streets. Once at the Bookseller and Cymbal pub, Conrad chose to go to the local pantheon to restore the function of his feet and ask to be taken on as an attendant priest. The local Minister accepted his request when Conrad explained that he knew the town would need spiritual guidance and healing and he wanted to help with those tasks.

Juniper and Rothgar snuck out of the inn to go meet Maliron the Fist, and he thanked them for their assistance – and asked them to deliver a gem to a person in the Sprawl

Later that evening, Theurge Chidel dropped in unofficially, and talked to the party further about the local goings-on and the troubles they’ve been through. It was revealed Theurge Chidel studied under Syndic Droche, and Magistrate Phaedro was executed for treason – “something about black stone towers in the wilderness”. The party in turn shared their adventures to date, and Chidel warned them of political unrest in Draima: House Voco is the most obvious, but there are other seated members of the Council of 10 that are struggling as well.

He said that should they encounter any issues, they can find an ally in Theurge Oskel in Draima.


Striogi Striogi

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