Return of Hadrach

Leaving Warren's Mill

21-Temui through 12-Sarixui

A summons to meet with Melchiorre found a strange, smoothly polished red gem with very strange magical properties in his possession. Melchiorre told you it was amongst Galenos’ possessions after his execution. After some investigation, it was determined that it fit into one of four empty sockets on the Horn of Hadrach. The gem melded itself into the socket, however, no one has determined what, if any, new power the horn bears. It was also determined that the deceased Syndic was reporting on your group to his master in Draima, one of the Council of 10, with an eye to whether the Draiman authorities should allow you to keep the Horn. In his opinion, the Horn is currently in good hands.

Traveling out, your group spent a week in the woods outside of Warren’s mill, gathering supplies and allowing Griangi to finish Ragnar’s training. From there, you headed east, with a plan to follow the road out of the forest and then strike out cross-country on a more-or-less straight shot to Draima, hugging the edge of the Broken Spear Plains, and perhaps checking into the Ruins of Lecce some time in the future.

The second night, during Cortez’ watch, three owlbears snuck up on the party and attacked, savaging Juniper, Conrad, and Elvira with claws and vicious beaks. Quick and violent action, coupled with a little luck saved those three mangled characters. The watch schedule was modified to allow for two people on watch at all times.

About a week later, the party stopped at a farm belonging to a middle aged man and his three sons. He described a group of brown-cloaked humans passing through and having people swear allegiance to Hadrach. The farmer seemed to know nothing of Hadrach beyond that. He produced a silver coin with the mark of Hadrach, which was given to Elvira. The evening passed with a great deal of talking, shared food and ale.

Several days later, not far from the small town of Terni and the Broken Spear Plains, you came across a sounder of dire boars, brutal, ugly beasts. Killing one with arrowshot, the rest fled down a gully they were unable to get out of. The party found a crossing and made it the rest of the way to Terni the next day.

Terni is a mining town with an ancient stone fortress on top of a steep, rocky hill, surrounded by wooden palisades and a half-finished stone wall protecting the base. Daub-and-wattle buildings cling to the edges of the hill, and the steep streets make it difficult for horses and carts to move about the town. The singular inn, known as the Silver Squirrel is near the main gate, and the town has a rather high population of half-orcs and half-elves compared to other places in the Combine.

The game ended with Griangi about to have a conversation with a medium sized humanoid, seemingly emanating cold and a faint scent of decay who has been sitting quietly in a booth sipping a glass of red (apparently wine) that he brought in himself. He has a dry, raspy voice like that of old leaves rubbing against eachother.


Striogi Striogi

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