Return of Hadrach

Blood and Fire


Our heroes, still weary from their earlier battle to liberate the slave pens, turned their attention then to the Eastern Fortress itself, marshaling their partisans and driving them to charge the oncoming forces of darkness, only to find their troops under fire from huge iron cauldrons atop the fortress’ battlements. These cauldrons (later named “bombards” by a wizened engineer) launched deadly explosives amongst their troops. With the death toll mounting, the party teleported up to the top of those walls with eyes on destroying the powerful siege weapons.

Immediately upon their rematerialization, the Champions of Yerth fell upon a contingent of enemy archers and the men who manned the western bombard. The first engineer escaped; his assistant who, sadly, didn’t know how to actually operate the bombard, surrendered. The heroes defeated the archers and guards soundly, only to be confronted by the legendary troll warrior, Yevnor the Render, and his lieutenants.

Knowing that the death they had never stopped for had finally stopped for them, the heroes each said silent prayers, begging the gods for mercy as they stood before Yevnor, a creature who’s very name struck fear in the hearts of warriors across all of Yerth. Yevnor, who had tasted the blood of a thousand heroes. Yevnor, a creature of deeper rage even than the mighty Griangi. Yevnor — the end of all hope.

In a moment of desperation, Captain Marigold placed a hex upon the troll leader, weakening him slightly, just as Juniper, so new to the powers of witchcraft, tried in vain to cast a slumber upon the titanic monster. To their surprise, the walking horror yawned once, and then fell over. Griangi the Mighty, Trollslayer, stepped forward, and with a single blow, removed the sleeping Yevnor’s head from his body.
The trolls who flanked him required more direct attention: one dispatched quickly, the other fleeing for his life. But finally, with the trolls defeated and a successful round of negotiations with the other engineer, the bombards were captured and, with them, the fortress.

The villains who were directing the fight from atop higher towers, their faces so familiar, managed to escape capture…


Striogi Striogi

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