Tesra Republic

The Tesra Merchants were once an outlying city-state of the Draiman Combine, a large peninsula on Yerth dominated by a mountainous ridge along the center of it and large, well-formed natural harbors all along the coast. These harbors, combined with rich natural resources up in the mountains made Tesra one of the wealthiest city-states of the Combine and prompted rapid expansion up the penninsula. Its isolation from Draima and the independent nature bred into them as seafarers and merchants, it wasn’t long after Molgar broke away from Draima that Tesra, also declared independence and backed it up with their merchant marine. Draima made several early attempts to invade Tesra, each one costing thousands of Draiman lives as the superior Tesran ships sank the would-be invaders in the gulf between the two nations. Draima since sued for peace and was later able to secure open trade routes. Tesra also maintains a blockade on Molgar’s only port, allowing only shipments of food and trade goods through to the small, aggressive nation. Tesra’s relationship with Telaria is mainly only with the Elves of Telar, and they maintain an standoffish peace. Tesra hopes that the minor trade agreements will eventually open the door to broader negotiations.
Alignment Neutral Good
Enemies Molgar
Allies None
Primary Races Human
Notable Races Halfling, Dwarf
Capital City Tesra
Soverign Grand Duke Nilson Von Crosia

Organizations of the Combine
The Draiman bank, Aleaos and Taybios has many business interests in Tesra, and accepts deposits and withdrawals via bills of exchange.

Major Tesran Cities

City Name Description Population
Belnesse Site of several failed settlements. Rumored to be cursed with undead 20
Calipica Major Port, Main shipyards of Tesra
Chytri Major Port, ships out gold, iron, wood. Capital of Republic. 9500
Florentina Major city, known for beauty, flowers and cultural pursuits
Hyblea Port city, Naval yards and military port
Messene Port city,
Naucratis Major Port, handles foreign trade and immigration
Pharus Guards the western pass along the edge of The Sisters
Siteia Island city, wealthy vacation homes and tourism
Tesra Former capital of Republic Destroyed

Governmental structure:

Technically a Republic, it is in actuality an Oligarchal Republic.
Each city is ruled by a Merchant Prince(ss).
Every 5 years, a national Audit is run to determine the wealthiest citizen in a city. This person becomes the Merchant Prince. They are the ultimate authority in the courts, responsible for the health, safety and welfare of the citizens.

This includes collecting taxes, using that revenue to maintain and upgrade city utilities and infrastructure, maintain a functioning military either through citizen soldiers or a standing army, and more.

Should the Merchant Prince die or become incapacitated, their heirs and designates take over ruling the city until the next Audit.

The people in cities are provided Representatives by district, often called Mayors. Mayors are elected by the people of the district. Areas outside of the official city limits get their own Mayors, which usually numbers betwee one and four, depending on the population. While Mayors may not be the wealthiest in the district, the political power that comes along with the position often helps increase their individual coffers.
The mayors propose, debate and vote on laws for the city and local region, those laws are either approved or vetoed by the Merchant prince. If vetoed, the citizens are given a vote, which must reach a 75% approval to overrule the veto.

Merchant Princes can be male or female in Tesra’s egalitarian society, since there is no gender or age limitation on wealth or property ownership. This has, on occasion, led to rare instances where an extremley young heir inherited their title of Merchant Prince, and in those cases, a regent is assigned to fill in for the heir until the next Merchant Prince is selected through the Audit. In most cases, wealthy business owners will write complex wills if their direct heirs are considered too young to run the business.

Merchant Princes are roughly equivalent to the Draiman noble Duke, and as such they and their spouses are generally granted a Von- name out of tradition. A Tesran that loses the Merchant Prince rank retain their Von- name, but it is not granted to their heirs.

The Grand Duke is the most wealthy person in the nation, as well as the Merchant Prince of whatever city they reside in. In the few times that the title of Grand Duke has been transferred, the capital has moved with them. Generally the laws of succession for Merchant Princes are emulated for the Grand Duke. That is, upon the death of the Grand Duke, and in the absence of a will,

Tesra Republic

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