Tear of the Fallen Gods

The ancient war that brought an end to the First World and the Neagods was born of incredible power, greed, and the lack of wisdom and restraint. The war saw them die at each other’s hands, both the Neagods and their mortal adherents. Powerful magics never seen before or since shook the world. Fire was frozen solid, ice burned. The winds became hard as stone and were made to club and crush. The Neagods pulled the sun down from the sky and burned their enemies to ashes. The moon was cracked open and demons were released upon the world. It is said the first dragons, the Linnorms, were born.

In the end, the devastation was so utterly complete the god-king Temur saw what had happened and bellowed his fury from the heavens. This cry of anguish and rage was heard across the world and stunned the Neagods. This brief pause allowed the Neagods to look around at what they had done. The world was dying and them with it. They gave up on their war in a desperate search for salvation – but for all their power, they could not remake the world. So they asked Temur for salvation from their own folly, even swearing they would renounce their power and guide their lives in the service of Temur. Temur turned his back on them for the devastation they had wrought, the ignorance they showed, the arrogance they held. He believed their new-found integrity was simply the desperate death throes of a dying race. However, the god-queen Laifa felt sorrow for the mortals who dared to reach for the heavens and fell so terribly short.

Laifa told the remaining Neagods that with their work and devotion she could preserve some remnant of their world, and that they would not be forgotten. She gathered the Neagods to her, at her largest temple – the last place in the world of beauty and light. In this place, she reminded them of the beauty they had lost, destroyed by their own foolish hate. She promised to preserve some small portion of them, if they followed through with their promise to Temur and renounced their godhood.

Nearly all agreed, and Laifa reached into each of them, pulling out a small piece of each of their souls. With these strands, she wove them together into a beautiful crystal – the Tear of the Fallen Gods. Imbued with the power of the Neagods, it pulses with power and light. When it was completed, she placed it on her mantle and kept it close as Temur took the dust of the First World and molded it into the Second World. It is said that the Tear of the Fallen Gods fell from her mantle when the Third World was created and was lost.

Legend tells that it has been found by the mortals of the Third World from time to time, and that touching it once will let you hear the secrets of the First World. Of course, mortals being what they are, few can resist touching the Tear a second time, but it is said it leads inevitably to madness, terror, destruction and death.

Tear of the Fallen Gods

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