Social structure of the Combine

Arcane Spellcasters:

There are two basic types of Wizards in the Draiman Combine, Sanctioned Wizards and Hedge Wizards.
While the Draiman school trains Wizards and Magi, the two classes are generally referred to as Sanctioned Wizards. They have, at the very least, passed through the Draiman school and graduated. Many have later apprenticed under a more experienced wizard after graduation to extend their learning and be fully prepared for their chosen career.

Hedge Wizards is a catch-all phrase to describe any non-spontaneous arcane spell casters who did not complete training at the Draiman school, regardless of their actual class. Like Bards, these spell casters are often viewed with suspicion for being a sorcerer in hiding. They are sometimes arrested and interrogated with little more than a simple accusation. Hedge wizards may not have had a formal education, but their knowledge and skill can often be comparable to that of Sanctioned Wizards.

Sorcerers and Summoners are easily confused for each other and are hunted mercilessly. Witches are also often lumped in with this group and regularly reported for heresy to the Church.

Non-Magical Administrators

Administrators form the backbone of the Draiman Combine’s political and bureaucratic system. Although composed entirely of non-Wizards, many of its members were once students of the Magical Academies and are unusually well-versed in spellcraft. The higher ranks are educated specifically for the job, whereas the lower are usually prominent members of local communities appointed to the position by a Justicar.

Rank Duties
Alderman Lowest Rank — almost always a local with no formal training in the job.
Mayor The head of a council of Aldermen — has dictatorial powers in an emergency
Magistrate Non-Wizard law/political officers dispatched from large cities to handle problems in rural area.
Consul Assistant to local wizarding Prefects, responsible for day-to-day administration of towns under 2000 people.
Proconsul The highest rank a non-wizard administrator may achieve. Position is inheritable. Proconsuls work as political mouthpieces and bureaucrats for Wizarding governments in any community over 2000 people.
Prefect Wizard in charge of small towns or districts within larger communities. May or may not have magistrates in his service.
Syndic Wizard in charge of large towns and some very small cities. Some very important district heads in large cities may be called Syndics. Will likely have at least one magistrate at his disposal.
Archon Rule of cities. Will have a several magistrates and possibly Justicars available to him.
High Archon This is the office of the Wizards ultimately in charge of the administration of the city of Draima. He/she should not, however, be considered its ruler or monarch.

Magistrates, Justicars, and others

Law enforcement matters are dealt with by a class of government officials — Magistrates. While many magistrates operate in fixed jurisdictions, most citizens of the Draiman Combine are more familiar with the Magistrates Errant, who travel the land on assignments. Magistrates are almost always non-Wizards, although many cultivate arcane or divine powers. A magistrate wields more legal power than any non-wizard political figure, but it answerable to any wizard ruler.

Above the Magistrates are the Justicars, an organization of Inquisitors trained by the Churches of Draima but answerable to the wizarding establishment. Many Justicars were once Magistrates, but the number of members who have been trained from childhood specifically for this role is growing. Justicars serve as the mighty legal fist the Combine, sent out to deal with problems of treason and heresy. While the Justicars must be respectful of the domains of all political appointees, they are only truly answerable to the Church and the Council of Ten.

There are rumors of another organization which draws its membership from the Magistrates. Its best not to dwell on obviously false rumors.

Town Size Population GP Limit Administration
Thorp Fewer than 20 40 Roving Magistrates, occasionally a single Alderman
Hamlet 21-60 100 Small Council of Alderman, possibly a Mayor
Village 61-200 200 Council of Alderman headed by a Mayor
Town, Small 201-2000 800 Large council of Alderman headed by a Mayor handling day-to-day matters of the town. Wizard Prefect is head of the government with a Consul working as his liaison with the Town Council. May have a permanent Magistrate, acting as a sort of ‘county sheriff’
Town, Large 2001-5000 3000 Same as a small town, save the Wizard is known as Syndic and will have several Consuls. Alderman Council will generally have less power but more prestige. Will have at least one permanent Magistrate.
City, Small 5001-12000 15000 Wizard Archon is head of the government. Alderman Council, headed by a Mayor, serves ceremonial and advisory purposes, carrying out the instructions handed to them from Proconsuls. Truly important parts of the city, such as a wharf or important market district, may have their own Prefects. Will have 2 or 3 Magistrates.
City, Large 12001-25000 40000 Rule by a council of 3-5 Wizards, all Archons. Some cities may also have Syndics and Prefects appointed to areas of the city requiring more direct governance. Alderman Council, if it exists, is more of a “Chamber of Commerce” and has no real political responsibilities or power. Will have several Magistrates.
Metropolis 25000+ 100000 Served by a council of 8 wizards, each representing a school of magic. Each employs several Syndics and Prefects to administer the various zones of the city, who in turn employ many Magistrates.

Social structure of the Combine

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