Sanctioned Laws

Said to be an agreement between all of the Gods made at the beginning of time, it rules the structure of all the planes, how they connect and how the inhabitants of each plane are allowed to interact with each other.

The complex and arcane Laws of the Gods are beyond the ken of mere mortals, as such, no mortal has ever read all of the Sanctioned Laws or could really understand them if they made the attempt.

Over the centuries, some of the wisest priests who were closest to the gods have been able to translate and record small portions – enough for mortals to understand. Great volumes have been written on these topics from theologians to arcane summoners and beyond. However, most of even this is beyond the understanding or even care of common folk, so the Sanctioned Laws tend to languish in obscurity.

Section 1.
The Structure of the Cosmos
Different priests have come to describe this section in many ways, which has led to the conflict of how people believe the Outer planes are structured. Theologians point to the disagreement as proof that the Sanctioned Laws are too complex for mortals to truly understand.

Section 2.
Responsibilities of the Gods
Many theologians believe this section was the inspiration for the Edicts of Temur – Though Temur chose to expand upon them and put greater limits on the gods through his Edicts. This section is rarely spoken about by various priests, and theologians assume it is because this section of the Sanctioned Laws are simply too complex for mortals to comprehend.

The most renowned of all translators of this section was, Hume, a priest of Grunnush who wrote the incomprehensible Treatise of Nature . What is less clear is whether he was already insane before he attempted to translate the section.

Section 3.
Interactions between Planes and its Denizens
The translations of this section are the most clear and simple. According to nearly all translations, the Laws can be boiled down to a few concepts:
Prime Material plane – the hub and center of all other planes.
Invitation – where a being of other Planes may take up indefinite residence on a new plane
Command – where a being of other Planes may visit a new plane for a predetermined (usually short) time.
Designated Conduits – established crossing points or procedures (including summons, teleports and shifts).

  • Beings of the Non-Prime planes may not exit their planes except through Designated Conduits
  • Beings of the Non-Prime planes may not enter another plane except through Designated Conduits
  • Beings of the Non-Prime planes may not enter the Prime Material plane unless invited or commanded by a resident of that plane.
  • Beings originating from the Non-Prime planes may (if able) command a peer or subordinates to provide limited service for a short time on the same plane.

Sanctioned Laws

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