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Here you will find the bulk of information on Yerth and the campaign world.

Player Sheets folder on Google Drive.

Categories About
Nations and Regions Continents, Nations, Cities, Geography and more from across Yerth
Seven Wonders of Yerth Locations, details, legends…
Seven Elven Wonders Locations, details, legends…
Races of Yerth Details and subraces
Holidays of regions, nations, races, and religions
Legends and Stories Tales heroes and villains, histories and legends.
Pantheon of Yerth Gods, Goddesses, their servants and the myths around them.
Cosmology The planes…

House rules A miscellaneous collection of rules made as needed.

Additional Pages About
Allies and Collaborators A list of the party’s significant supporters and friends
Adversaries and Foes A list of the party’s significant enemies and opponents
End of Hadrach Possible ways to solve the problem of Hadrach

Main Page

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