Legends and Stories

Many of these tales are integral to the pantheons and beliefs of the people of Yerth

Tales of the First World:
Murgle, first son of Temur
The Tear of the Fallen Gods

Tales of the Second World:
Elfwar, the rise and fall of the Elves.
Grunnush, second son of Temur
Sarius, a powerful woman of legend, around whom debate rages whether she was good or evil.
Sanctioned Laws – A mythical accord that describes how the Gods and creatures of the Outer planes may interact with Yerth

Tales of the Third World:
Edicts of Temur – The laws Temur has laid down to guide mortals and gods alike.
Palenon, third son of Temur
History of the World – As taught in the Draiman Combine
Legend of Hadrach – Ancient history, the origin of Hadrach, the last Warrior-King of Mankind
The Dragonrage – Pre-Draiman history, of martyrdom and dragons
The Queen of Winter – Galene, the winter spirit, and honored by the month Galenui
Icefang – Hunter of the North – as told by Evgeni Stanev
Nazal the Spiteful РWhite Death Рas told by the bard Gunnbjörg Tjorra
The Phoenix and the Bear King – as told by Ezra

Other Tales
Making of the Dwarves and the Godwar
The Eye of Nerzrim Bogh – About a god of another Age.

Legends and Stories

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