The Tale of IceFang as told by Evgeni Stanev

In the Frozen North beyond the nation of Kieva, and the fortified walls of Vershina, lies – a savage land of frost giants, wild dragons, worgs and worse.

It is said that Icefang was captured as a mere worg pup and chained by a frost giant of unending cruelty. His master saw that Icefang was a worg of unusual size and strength, and so he threw Icefang into fighting pits where he learned to fight as a slave. He grew up battling other worgs, humans, even outlaw frost giants to the sound of cheering and bet-making. Icefang never knew if his upbringing was entertainment for his frost giant master and the clan or tests, preparing him for battle.

After surviving and winning uncounted battles, duels and contests in a seemingly unending river of victims and blood, Icefang’s master pulled him from the pits and dragged him to war. Having mastered the brutal and showy kill, Icefang was taught to raid villages and caravans, and learned the value of stealth and the quiet kill. Homeowners and travelers alike were no match for Icefang, his frost giant master, and the rest of their clan. But as with all slaves that you teach too well, Icefang eventually learned to think on his own. He escaped the leash and the lash of his master. Some say Icefang killed his master. Others say that he left the frost giant blind and crippled, and even now, his former master wanders the wastes, looking for his treacherous former slave and pet.

It is said that Icefang wandered the wastes for years, first killing frost giants to free his enslaved worg kin, forming a pack soon to be known for their extreme brutality. Later, Icefang’s pack would hunt and murder at will – entire villages fell to the fang and claw, all under Icefang’s bloody gaze. Sometimes Icefang would sneak into a village simply for the challenge and snatch babes away from their cribs, and turn them into goblins through dark magic.

I have heard tell that he also rules over a tribe of loyal goblins, once babes he had stolen from cribs and turned himself. They say the goblins made Icefang a magical amulet that would turn his thick fur as hard as steel. Others say that it was an Uchoneh (spits) which made the amulet for him.

Which ever it is, they say Icefang can be recognized by his huge size and the golden amulet he wears. If his pack is ever seen with goblin riders, your only hope is to hide well enough while they are howling with glee as they chase down their prey.


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