House rules

Magic Item Bonus

This is for clarity’s sake, taken from the core rulebook

Weapon Bonus Base Price (gp) Change in price Armor or Shield Bonus Base Price Change in price
0 0 0 0
1 2,000 2,000 1 1,000 1,000
2 8,000 6,000 2 4,000 3,000
3 18,000 10,000 3 9,000 5,000
4 32,000 14,000 4 16,000 7,000
5 50,000 18,000 5 25,000 9,000
6 72,000 22,000 6 36,000 11,000
7 98,000 26,000 7 49,000 13,000
8 128,000 30,000 8 64,000 15,000
9 162,000 34,000 9 81,000 17,000
10 200,000 38,000 10 100,000 19,000

When calculating how much gold you need to provide to for the next bonus upgrade, please refer to the chart above – the Change In Price column tells you how much more to add to achieve that new bonus.
E.g. Akiara has a +1 Wakizashi of Shock (total bonus +2) and wants to make it a +2 Wakizashi of Shock (total bonus +3). She looks at the weapon bonus Change in Price column and sees the price increases by 10,000gp. Dividing by 2, since she has a weapon enchanter in her pocket who can make it at cost, she sees that she needs to provide 5,000gp to upgrade the item.

Called Criticals

(This is under review and not fully implemented)
As a full round action, a character may make a called shot to force a critical, they may. They must name the target area, and the opponent gains an armor class size bonus equal to the size of the target the character is aiming at. This is added to any size bonus of the target creature. If the hit is successful, the character causes a single critical hit.

Hitting someone’s leg might be a -1 AC (small target). Hitting their head would be -2 (tiny). From there you could require damage equal to the creature’s Constitution, and allow a fort check to represent the creature’s general toughness to avoid a debilitating condition (after all, it’s fairly difficult to cut through all that muscle and bone). The 3.5 DM’s guide had some basic guidelines for losing limbs, eyes, other stuff.


In addition to the negative levels, reincarnation is a traumatic experience and usually requires time and help from either the druid or those closest to the reincarnated character to become re-acclimated to their new body. The time is 1 month and adjusted by 1 week per Cha modifier.


Torture, used to extract information and more from the victim may not be the most reliable method to get accurate information, but it has been know to produce results. If the victim is helpless and the torturer has enough time, they can usually get anything they want.

The torturer may make any attack. The attack will automatically hit, however the damage is modified:

Nonlethal torture: Torturer is trying to do as little permanent damage as possible. Beatings and highly painful but minor injuries are most common.
Nonlethal damage is done by weapon type, modified by strength. Each hit is considered a confirmed critical hit. For every 3 hit points of nonlethal damage the victim takes, they take 1 point of lethal damage.

Lethal torture: Torturer is trying to inflict permanent harm to the victim. Hobbling, amputation, burns and the like are common methods.
Lethal damage is done more carefully. Regardless of how the damage is done, the torturer does only d6 points of lethal damage. The victim also receives double that number in nonlethal damage from pain and shock. For every 5 points of lethal damage the victim receives, he suffers 1 point of ability score drain from the relevant ability or penalty below.

Target Penalty
Hands/Arms Dexterity
Chest Constitution
Head/Face Charisma
Major mucles (arms and legs) Strength
Ear/Eye/Nose -2 on perception checks
Feet/Legs -5 on movement

If a victim suffers 25% of their total hit points to a single target, it is severed or mangled beyond use.

Breaking the victim
Regardless of whether the torture is lethal or nonlethal, for every 5 points of lethal damage the victim suffers, he suffers 1 point of wisdom damage.

The torturer can make an intimidate check at any time to force the victim to behave how they want. If the victim fails by more than 5 points, he suffers another point of wisdom damage.

House rules

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