One of the Outer planes

(Lawful Evil)
The nine layers of Hell form a structured labyrinth of calculated evil where torment goes hand in hand with purification. A plane of iron cities, burning wastelands, frozen glaciers, and endless volcanic peaks, Hell is divided into nine nesting layers, each under the malevolent rule of an archdevil. Torture, anguish, and agony are inevitable in Hell, but they are methodical, not spiteful or capricious, and serve a deliberate master plan under the watchful eyes of the disciplined ranks of Hells’ lesser devils. The nine layers of Hell, from first to last, are Avernus, Dis, Erebus, Phlegethon, Stygia, Malebolge, Cocytus, Caina, and Nessus.

Hell has the following traits:

Divinely Morphic: Deities with domains in Hell can alter the plane at will.
Strongly Law-Aligned and Strongly Evil-Aligned
Enhanced Magic: Spells and spell-like abilities with the lawful or evil descriptor are enhanced.
Impeded Magic: Spells and spell-like abilities with the chaotic or good descriptor are impeded.

Bastions of Hell stand throughout the nine levels (or demi-planes) of Hell, but especially on Averuns, Stygia, and Malebolge. Made of black stone, and larger than most mortal structures, they are often garrisoned by the Infernal Legions. The legendary Seeds are supposedly the magic device which creates a bridge for the uppermost spires of one of the bastions to co-exist in both Hell and another plane, allowing for rapid invasion.

Level Name Ruler Description
1 Avernus Barbatos Barren desert of volcanic rock and pitted iron. Sudden bursts of hellfire from the ground is a constant fear for travelers. Citadels of infernal warlords rise throughout the plane, ever ready with their legions to defend Avernus against foreign invaders.
2 Dis Dispater The Infernal city, a magnificent, yet twisted mockery of a mortal palace, the court of Dis supplies a constant supply of soldiers to the other infernal layers of hell. It is within the burning walls of Dispater’s garrison-cities that the mortal dead, wrathful and vengeful, are trained and transformed through combat.
3 Erebus Mammon An endless dungeon beneath a single fortified entrance on an unbroken empty plain. It is here that the archdevil Mammon keeps Hell’s books, accounting for all that is spent in the infernal realm.
4 Phlegethon Belial It is within these infernal forges that souls are melted down, amidst the clang of hammers and the stench of burning flesh. Once purified of weakness and rebellion, these souls are recast into the forms of true devils.
5 Stygia Geryon Amid the tangled swamps and fetid jungles rise moldy ruins, mired temples to false deities, and whole blasphemous cities. The waters of the Styx mix with the layer’s venomous bogs, creating vast noxious moors before flowing into vast black seas. Dilapidated avenues paved with cracked stones—remnants of empires that never were—cut through these dense bogs, though they regularly succumb to unexpected floods of stagnant water.
6 Malebolge Moloch This forsaken place is described as a great forest, onto which snow-like ash is constantly falling.
7 Cocytus Baalzebul A realm of frozen oceans and cracked glaciers.
8 Caina Mephistopheles An unending expanse canyons and caves full of hanging cages, narrow stone platforms, and iron bridges. The realm is regarded as a land of eternal torture and unceasing darkness.
9 Nessus Asmodeus Nessus is a desolate wasteland, a place apparently destroyed by volcanic fire shrouded in eternal darkness. Little is known of this place, but it is clear that only the greatest of devils are permitted residence here.


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