One of the Outer planes

(Lawful Good)
The soaring mountain of Heaven towers high above the Outer Sphere. This ordered realm of honor and compassion is divided into seven layers. Heaven’s slopes are filled with planned, orderly cities and tidy, cultivated gardens and orchards. Though they began their existences as mortals, Heaven’s native archons see law and good as indivisible halves of the same exalted concept, and array themselves against the cosmic perversions of chaos and evil.

Heaven has the following traits:

Divinely Morphic: Deities with domains in Heaven can alter the plane at will.
Strongly Law-Aligned and Strongly Good-Aligned
Enhanced Magic: Spells and spell-like abilities with the lawful or good descriptor are enhanced.
Impeded Magic: Spells and spell-like abilities with the chaotic or evil descriptor are impeded.


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