Heart of Sinakua

One of the first Neagods, Sinakua (see-NA-kwa) was one who revered the sun and its power, but he was jealous and greedy of the knowledge and power of others. One of the true scholars of Murgle, Sinakua learned that the rules of the mortals were different when it came to Neagods. He learned he could gain knowledge he coveted by eating it, or eating the creature that had it.

Sinakua first sought out esoteric knowledge. The more rare it was, the more delicious he claimed it to be. But instead of being satisfied, his hunger only increased. Soon, he sought out the powerful secrets of other Neagods, killing and eating them to gain their knowledge. Eventually he learned so much that it could not be kept in his head, and so moved the knowledge to his heart. He found much more room there for the secrets he had, and his appetite increased to match.

In time, his greed and voracious appetite for knowledge caused him to turn on his followers. When they couldn’t bring him enough to eat, he instead ate them, savoring their personal secrets. His followers finally turned on him betraying him to the the other Neagods. A terrible battle ensued and the other Neagods finally defeated him. However, Neagods were powerful, nearly immortal beings – he was not dead. They asked him, ordered, pleaded with him to give up the secrets he had taken, but Sinakua would not be swayed. Finally, his enemies decided to try what he had done, and eat him so they could relearn the secrets he had hidden away. Knowing it was hidden somewhere within him, they One by one, they each selected a part to eat, hoping to be the one who would learn his secrets. When they had each selected a part, only his heart was left. They each ate their portion, and only after doing so did they realize he must have hidden the knowledge in his heart.
They immediately began to argue who would eat the heart and as the argument heated, the last loyal followers of Sinakua stole his still-beating heart and hid it away.

The Heart of Sinakua has appeared from time to time, and it is said that it still lives, its heartbeat enabling its voracious appetite to absorb the knowledge and secrets of those around it.

Heart of Sinakua

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