Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Symbol: Bird
Domains: Air, Chaos, Destruction, Trickery, Weather Weapon: Composite Longbow

Major Deity. Laifa’s second son was born at the dawn of the Second World. He was born basking in Laifa’s love and joy, and it flooded the world with peace. Temur forbade Grunnush from walking the world as Murgle had done on the First World for fear of the same fate befalling that world. The Second World remained a peaceful and beautiful place under Grunnush’ patronage, the mortals prosperous and industrious, reflecting Grunnush’s cloistered life in the Palace of the Gods.

One day a bird flew past Grunnush’s window and the motion caught his eye. Having only known of the concerns of mortals until then, the bird was the first Grunnush had seen, and he instantly fell in love with it, coveting its freedom and wishing to revel in its beauty. Murgle, ever jealous of the wonders of the new world and the power his brother held over it, Murgle slowly drove Grunnush insane with longing. When a bird once again flew past Grunnush’s window, he attempted to follow the creature and leapt from a balcony of the Palace. Without wings, he plummeted to the earth like a falling star. When the mad son crashed headfirst into the ground, the impact so dreadful, he was knocked unconscious. The world split open from the impact, and for a thousand years, the mad son dreamt of fire and flood, earthquakes and terrible storms. His dreams manifested in the world around him and the world slowly tore itself apart. As the Second World came to its violent end, Grunnush awoke to see the last of it disintegrate before his eyes. Disconsolate, Grunnush mourned the destroyed world and everything that had been lost.

Unable to heal his son of his madness, Temur chose to grant him a kind of mercy. Temur transformed Grunnush into a beautiful bird, able to soar across the land and sea, and gave him domain over the birds and the air. Along with the strength and grace of the bird, he also took his memory, so that his sorrow and madness would be lifted. Like his beloved birds, Grunnush is now plagued with a terribly short memory and is known for capriciousness and inconstancy.


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