Gnomish Pantheon

Fey School:

Alignment: Chaotic Good Symbol: Oak Tree
Domains: Animal, Healing, Plant, Luck, Trickery Weapon: Shortbow
Alignment: Chaotic Evil Symbol: Burning Oak Tree
Domains: Death, Chaos, Madness, Destruction, Liberation Weapon: Shortbow

Pantheist Movements:

Path of Kindness
Alignment: Neutral Good Symbol: Smile
Domains: Good, Healing, Sun, Protection, Repose Weapon: Boomerang
Rites of Freedom
Alignment: Chaotic Good Symbol: Running Gnome
Domains: Trickery, Travel, Luck, Knowledge, Glory Weapon: Pilum
The Great Tapestry
Alignment: True Neutral Symbol: Loom
Domains: Knowledge, Madness, Liberation, Artifice, Magic Weapon: Chakram
The River of Blood
Alignment: Neutral Evil Symbol: Red Stripes
Domains: War, Death, Evil, Water, Strength Weapon: Scimitar
Plague of Locusts
Alignment: Chaotic Evil Symbol: Locust
Domains: Animal, Destruction, Madness, Fire, Weather Weapon: Khopesh Sword
Gnomish Liberation Front
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Symbol: Shredded Tapestry
Domains: Chaos, Madness, Repose, Trickery, Liberation Weapon: Spiked Chain

Gnomish Pantheon

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