End of Hadrach

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Bring an end to the threat of Hadrach and his cult.

Kalithrax: Of the four artifacts of Hadrach, your foe holds the Rage and the Hope of Hadrach and you hold the Soul and the Mind of Hadrach. Together, they are what makes up the Warrior King. You must understand, when Hadrach died, his soul was too small to be welcomed into his father’s arms, but too great to stay whole. It was split into four parts, and encased in the artifacts the Gods had made for him.

  • The Rage of Hadrach is the Sword
  • The Hope of Hadrach is the Shield
  • The Soul of Hadrach is the Horn
  • The Mind of Hadrach is the Lodestone

This quest has two possible conclusions:

Option Summary
A Kill Hadrach and destroy the artifacts
B Redeem Hadrach so he no longer threatens civilization

A: Kill Hadrach

Track down Hadrach and kill him before he and his adherents destroy the world. Additionally, Destroy the Artifacts so that he can never return.

B: Redeem Hadrach

Instead of killing him, some have suggested that returning all of the artifacts to him will restore his sanity and bring balance to him.

End of Hadrach

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