Edicts of Temur

Temur, Father of the gods, has made these Edicts known to both God and Mortal, for the protection of all.

1. All Gods must abide by these Edicts.
These Edicts are given to protect the world and the mortals who live there.

2. No God shall live among mortals.
The influence of Gods is such that mortals are affected by our presence. This Edict will remain until mortals show themselves able to resist the influence of a god.

3. No God shall consort or lie with a mortal.
The blood of a God is too potent for mortals, and a god-child will be to mortals as a man is to an ant. The passions of a God are too potent for the world, and a god will be tempted to move the heavens and earth to guide, guard, and help their progeny.

4. It is the duty of Gods to guide, care for, and protect mortals.
The mortal’s mothlike existence is fraught with danger, fear, violence, and they must be guided by the Gods.

5. It is the duty of mortals to worship the Gods of their choosing.
Gods thrive on the worship of mortals. Through the bond of worship, the Gods can provide the guidance the mortals require.

Edicts of Temur

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