Draiman Combine

Along the equator of Yerth lies a vast land of nation-states held together by a subtly totalitarian magocracy. Ostensibly working together for their mutual protection and survival, the people of the Combine are generally xenophobic, paranoid and somewhat insular. While barely qualifying as a cohesive nation, the Combine nonetheless has been able to protect its borders for centuries from bandits, monsters and beasts of all kinds. The Combine has never faced a true invasion – due mainly to the geography and the fact its neighbors are not really interested in empire building. The Combine has calved two smaller nations, the isolated kingdom of Molgar and the Tesra Republic. Negotiations are often tense, if not openly hostile between these nations.
Alignment Neutral Good
Enemies Molgar
Allies None
Primary Races Human
Notable Races Halfling, Elf
Capital City Draima


Generally, coins are called:
Copper: Copper Penny
Silver: Silver Mark
Gold: Gold Crown
Platinum: Royal Platinum


History of the Combine
Social structure of the Combine
Wizard School of Draima

Organizations of the Combine

Several organizations are prominent in the social and governmental fabric of the Combine. They are the institutions that make government work, commerce flow and in some places, give home to the disenfranchised.
The Council of Ten sits in Draima and makes policy for the Combine.
The Guild of Trades runs many of the trade and supply caravans that travel through and beyond the Combine. Local offices also license local businesses to operate in cities and towns.
The bank, Aleaos and Taybios is the largest bank in the Combine, accepting deposits and withdrawals via Bills of Exchange.
The Bloody Hand Cartel is the largest crime syndicate in the Combine.

Major Cities in the Combine
City Name Description Population
Blackwater Major river city before Laifa’s Cup, known for dangerous alleys and cartels
Chulac Major city, “Druidtown”, hunters, woodsmen.
Diva/Dova Major sister cities on Laifa’s Cup, fishing, trade, adventurers
Draima Capital of the Draiman Combine. Center of magic and learning. City of mystery, home of Wizard School of Draima
Gaipur Major fortress city defending the coastal pass into the old world.
Gandaya Southern port, defends coast from raiders and pirates.
Isnov Fortress city on northern border of Molgar/Telaria
Kelkya Fort for farming, travelers
Riverport Major trade city, the only deep-water port in Draima, handles ocean trade and navy.
Salma River port for caravans north and south
Shantra Major fortress city overlooking the Traitor’s Gate into Molgar. Renown for gladiator pits
Sorath Major trade city, “City of Hope”; last stop of civilization before the Pass of Bones
Woodburn last Draiman city before entering Telaria. Caravan station

Towns and Villages of the Combine

City Name Description Population
Fraviano Farming town, west of Draima
Simak’s Landing Port city for Draima
Terni Mining town on the edge of Broken Spear Plains
Warren’s Mill Clay making and trading port
Westfel Fortress city, waystation for east/west caravans

Draiman Combine

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