Capital of the Draiman Combine, Draima is widely known for its College of Magic.

LN Metropolis
Government: Autocracy
Population: 65,000 (50,000 humans; 15,000 other)
Notable NPCs:
High Archons of the Council of Ten
Notable Locations:
Draiman Heritage Museum
Square of Martyrs
Dyniri Passages
Carved Cliffs and the Eternal Stair
The Sprawl
Simak’s Landing

The city of Draima is the most powerful city of the Draiman Combine. Seat of power for the Council of Ten, and the home of the Wizard School of Draima.

The city is circular, and has a diameter of 4 miles. The city is laid out in 11 districts, one for each school of magic (Divination, Conjuration, Abjuration, Necromancy, Illusion, Enchantment, Evocation and Transmutation), the Elemental and Temple districts, and the 11th district in the center – the School.

The east side of the city is cut off by a massive cliff, plunging 1000 feet to the Gulf of ___.

Fall of Draima

Aminda Voco, Councilor of Conjuration, realized that her family would soon lose the seat on the Council of Ten to another family, as they had no conjurers powerful enough to claim the honor. In an attempt to retain a seat, dark, forbidden spells were used in an attempt to bond a summoned devil to her only son and only Conjurer still loyal to the clan.
The attempt was an unmitigated disaster, starting with over a dozen kidnappings and murders throughout the city and culminating in a failed ceremony that destroyed the College of Conjuration in a spectacular explosion.
Aminda Voco was arrested but later escaped. The resulting power vacuum sparked demonstrations and riots throughout the city, and it quickly escalated into a city-wide civil war. The exits to the city were blocked off, trapping tens of thousands of civilians inside and the situation devolved further as the barbarian army of Hadrach the Ever-King invaded Simak’s Landing.
Not long after, Subhuman army of Chython Darkaxe razed the Sprawl, capturing tens of thousands of survivors, and setting themselves up as a blocking force for any Combine army that would attempt to break the siege.


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