Capital of the Telaria, Cloudwalk is widely known for the magical Baths of Cloudwalk.

Government: Council
Population: 8,200 (5000 humans, 1500 dwarves, 1000 elves, 700 other)
Notable NPCs:

Notable Locations:


Cloudwalk has reached a remarkable size, despite all the factors weighing against it. All the normal factors that make for a prosperous city are absent. It is difficult to get to, hard terrain for architects and farmers alike, and the neighbors can be a problem. It is jokingly called the “Impossible City” by many people. Only two things auger well for Coudwalk; It is the only human population center that numbers in the thousands in nearly 600 miles in any direction, and it is the home of the Baths of Cloudwalk.
Mythical (and likely false) stories of the origins of the Baths aside, Mount Aydahar has been a cultural touchstone for the Telarok Horsemen for uncounted centuries, and their annual pilgrimage to the mountain to overwinter there has likewise helped encourage the city to remain small.

Despite its small size, Cloudwalk is remarkably well-appointed and is arguably one of the wealthiest cities in the Draiman Basin. People come from across the world and pay vast sums to take advantage of the magical Baths, as it is said that with enough money and time, the Baths can change you forever.

There are tales of ancient vaults under the city, first made by the original masters of Cloudwalk by hiring skillful dwarves to protect their growing wealth. Those vaults have been expanded, built over, collapsed, mined around and rebuilt for generations, new wealthy masters hiding unimaginable wealth in a honeycomb of tunnels and vaults. No one living knows the full extent of the Vaults, and any maps that might have existed have long since been destroyed. The Vaults are known to be deadly to the incautious and foolhardy. Many vaults are still in use today, and while many of them are connected through tunnels of varying age, most of the masters use the confusing tunnels and their traps to protect their own vaults from being raided.

There are rumors of a thriving and independent thieves guild in Cloudwalk. The Corvidae are secretive and powerful, and remain independent of the various cartels that dominate the rest of the Draiman Basin.


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