A Capital city of the Tesra Republic


Chytri sits at the tip of a penninsula guarding the mouth of Medwick Bay. The city was founded by Galen VonChytri, a Draiman Nobleman/Merchant, most renown for his business sense and defense of the colony against the native barbarians who claimed the land as their own.

Chytri grew from an outpost protecting the smaller communities further inland, as well as a deep-water port able to serve the merchant ships exporting the valuable resources found further up the river. When gold was discovered up in the mountains, Chytri’s success was guaranteed and the outpost expanded to a large city in 5 years. Thousands of people came seeking fortune and eventually stayed to found a wide variety of successful businesses. More recently, Chytri became an intermediary port to transfer goods from the smaller transbay barges to the larger ocean-going ships. The city’s population reached over 18,000 at its peak.

Infernal War

Unfortunately, Chytri was captured for a time during the Infernal War by a combination of devils, trolls and evil humans. Much of the population was killed, enslaved, or simply fled. The city was successfully liberated after a month-long battle, the insurgency led by Lord Griangi and his company, successfully sapping the enemy’s strength and destroying a Bastion in time for relief forces from the capital city Tesra, led by Admiral Farinost.

After the Fall of Tesra, Grand Duke Nilson VonCrosia moved the capital of the Republic to Chytri. After some minor skirmishes and a harsh winter, the citizens worked hard to secure and recover the city. It is now a boom town, as vast fortunes are made and spent rebuilding it.

N Small City
Government: Autocracy
Population: 9,500 (8,000 humans; 500 Dwarves; 1000 other)

Notable NPCs
Grand Duke Nilson VonCrosia – LG human; Political head of the Tesran Republic.
Master Edire – LN elf; Mayor of the City. Owner of foundries in the city of Canos; Has largest private militia
Dataos – CG innkeeper of the ___, willing to house a resistance.
person to be remembered – CG innkeeper of the Blue Dancer, inn dedicated to Akiara Katsura the Savior
Magyos – LN Fighter, leader of Edire’s militia. An expert at fencing and feints. Quiet but well spoken.

Notable Locations
Dragon’s Tooth Inn – Most expensive inn, this 3 story affair is designed to accommodate wealthy merchants and low nobles.
South Village – Technically a separate community, this area was abandoned by the palace during the invasion and left to fend for itself. As a result, the citizens there think of themselves as an independent settlement.
Blue Dancer – Largest tavern in South Village, it serves as a community center.

Even though this is a Small city, its marketplace counts as a large city as it has a booming economy.
Base value 8,000gp 75% chance any item of this value or lower may be found with little effort
Purchase Limit: 50,000gp Most money a shop can spend to purchase any single item.
Spellcasting limit:
Dvine: 8th
Arcane: 6th

Available magic items:
Minor 4d4 items
Medium 3d4 items
Major 2d4 items


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