Bloody Hand Cartel

This “Thieves Guild” is more of a mafia. Many cities in the Draiman Combine have some extension of the cartel in the city. For the most part, they are tolerant of smaller gangs and organizations, as long as they maintain the proper respect for the Bloody Hand.

Their largest portions of their business consists of smuggling, extortion, racketeering and drug production/distribution.

Smuggling: Along the trade routes, coasts and borders of the Draiman Combine, the Cartel engages in smuggling Dwarven Fire Ale, Elven Absinthe, Tesran wine as well as people – criminals, outlaws and occasionally suspected sorcerers and witches.

Extortion and Racketeering: In larger cities and in rural areas where the local law enforcement tends to be weaker, such as the Sprawl in Draima, the Bloody Hand “ensures” order through extortion, usually through smaller gangs.

Drugs: Along with Fire ale and Absinthe, the Cartel also manufactures and distributes Blackmind, Opium, and Shiver. These operations tend to function mostly in the major cities, selling to wealthy merchants, nobles and adventurers who can afford it. In smaller towns, Flayleaf is more common.

Organ Harvesting and Spell Components
The Bloody Hand also runs a black market, mostly (but not entirely) along the fringes of the Draiman Combine. Of those that do delve in this trade, it is rumored that it mainly serves the less legitimate disciplines; Sorcerers, Witches, and their ilk. However, in most places, the Justicars and Magistrates rarely work to shut it down – probably because the Draiman wizards don’t want to cut off this source of rare and exotic supplies. Those who run the organ harvesting industry claim that’s where the Bloody Hand began, and where they got their name from.


Each region, city or district is run by a separate family. The head of each family is known as a Kidios, or Master, who leads and makes most of the decisions. Below him is an Argondas, The rest of the family known as of Men of Honor or Timow. In Draima, there are several Kidios who handle the different quarters of the city. It is said the Masters of the Bloody Hand also reside in Draima.

Bloody Hand Cartel

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