A ruined city in the Tesra Republic


Belnesse is little more than a pile of rubble that is nestled in a protected bay. The site of several failed attempts at settling the area, each of those settlements have been destroyed. Some stubborn families remain, fighting sickness and a hard life to wrest a living from the earth.

Previous settlements:

Infernal War

It was during the Infernal War and after the liberation of Chytri that the heroes were awarded the city and surrounding area for their service to the Tesra Republic. Exploring the ruins found a nexus of undead creatures defending hidden tunnels beneath the ruined castle.

N ruins
Population: 27 (humans)

Notable NPCs

Notable Locations
Ruined town
Collapsed palace

Base value 0 gp 75% chance any item of this value or lower may be found with little effort
Purchase Limit: 20 gp Most money a shop can spend to purchase any single item.
Spellcasting limit:
Dvine: 0th
Arcane: 0th

Available magic items:
Minor 0 items
Medium 0 items
Major 0 items


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