Return of Hadrach

The Story Thus Far
The Cow in the Field

The party came to the aid of a farmer near the village of El-Baloth who wanted people to hunt down a pack of wolves that killed several of his prize cattle. Little do they know that it’s not a pack of wolves at all. Instead, they find a nest of goblins and kill them.

The Bodies in the Ashes

The party learns of disturbing events on the outskirts of El-Baloth. There have been a few random murders committed by, and on, family members. A nearby farmhouse is set on fire, inside the burning home is a scene of horror and murder. The morning after the fire, the locals see a Black Tower and will conduct an investigation into the origins of the tower and the sudden madness which took the lives of the farmers. Inside the tower is a powerful necromancer the party defeats and the tower banishes as soon as the necromancer’s mistress, Anmor teleports away and the tower collapses.

The Corpse in the Chamber

The party is asked to go to Warren’s Mill to take whatever actions are necessary to prevent a rebellion. They have discovered the Cult of Hadrach the Ever-King is behind the rebellion and eventually that the party came into the possession of the Horn of Hadrach. The rebellion is stopped after the capture and death of a number of the cultists and their leaders…

Capture of Galenos
12-Temui through 16-Temui

Warren’s Mill was in an uproar over the halflings and rebuilding the Workman’s Bench, and the party arranged for the halflings to get wood to rebuild, under the watchful eye of the party. Going out there, the nearby woodcutter and and his family were killed, their livestock eaten, the building burned. As it turns out, they had been set upon by goblins, goblin dogs, and waht they later learned was a Barghest. The party slaughtered them handily, losing only(!) 5 halflings in the process. The halflings then had to take about 2 days to cut trees and prepare them as lumber for transport back to the city.

The two days went well, Elvira spotting some ruins outside the city and the party setting up the encampment to defend against any potential goblin attacks, after discovering there was at least one more Barghest in the forest and Barghests are essentially extra-planar super-goblins from Hell. No, really. From Hell.

Anyway, getting back to Warren’s Mill with a load of lumber and 15 happy (and 5 very un-happy) halflings revealed that Syndic Droche had died the night before. While the city is in the midst of mourning, the party investigated, and was able to determine that not only was Droche murdered, but he was murdered by a very comely woman, wearing very skimpy, gossamer clothes, with long dark hair… she teleported in, cast a hold spell on Droche’s apprentice, murdered Droche with an (unknown) spell, then a fireball to set his study aflame. She then used a scroll to teleport away again.

The party has tentatively identified her as that Necromancer from the tower.

Getting Father Torem to cast Speak with Dead on the corpse of Droche, several questions were asked, but the (arguably) most important information was that A: Droche believed Galenos to be behind all the troubles and wanted him dead. B: the place to end these troubles are some kind of ruins, and something about a tunnel.

The funeral procession went well, and the party joined it to follow Galenos, then called him out at the temple square. A short battle ensued, where Galenos nearly killed Cortez (short by 2 hp, apparently) and injured Raz, but he was eventually beaten down and now lies unconscious on the ground not far from where the body of Syndic Droche lies in state.

and yes, once again, Raz dealt the final blow which put the bad guy down.

Interrogation and Exploration
17-Temui through 20-Temui

Captain Kimnys was reinstated as Commander of the Watch and the Guard of Warren’s Mill. When the party tracked him down after the end of the Syndic’s funeral procession, he was deep in a reorganization of the Guard and the Watch. Griangi asked if there was anything that could be done to help and Kimnys asked the party to guard the prisoners Bastion and Galenos, which he and Cortez then did for the night.

The next day, The party gathered in the afternoon to plan the interrogation and Jarbold was instructed to spread rumors of Bastion and Galenos giving up names, dates, locations. That evening, Bastion and Galenos were separated and interrogated.
They both turned out to be true believers and difficult to get information from – Galenos occasinally turning the tables and yelling back at the group alternately threatening the doom and downfall of all the little races and acknowledging that he is just a cog in Hadrach’s greater plan. Bastion was gagged, preventing him from speaking, except when he was expected to answer a question.

Things party learned:
- Galenos had several people under him: Bastion, Bones, Dice, Doc, and Wings.
- Bones has been killed, Bastion and Galenos captured.
- Galenos has a second cleric other than Bastion.
- Galenos’ base of operations is apparently the ruins a day’s travel east of Warren’s Mill.
- Hadrach is not actually undead and is a reincarnation of the original Hadrach
- The Necromancer that killed Syndic Droche is called Anmor, she has a tower somewhere in the Old World.
…I may have missed some details that others remember (add them in comments)

The party spent another day gathering supplies (Juniper picked up a remarkable number of scrolls) and horses from the barracks, and headed out the next morning, after learning martial law had been lifted and the gates opened. Travelling through the forest was uneventful and after securing the horses and camp in a defensible hollow, the ruins were scouted by Juniper and Elvira

The ruins seem to be three foundations with a small amount of stone walls, overgrown with grasses, shrubs and trees.

  1. covered in golden-amber crystals and no plants – Per Raz, this is likely the location the crystal tomb of Lady Eboline was found.
  2. a broad open area with a few knocked-over pillars and walls. (not investigated)
  3. a smallish area with a rusted iron post sticking up from a number of shrubs in what might have been the middle of the building. This turned out to be the top of a rusted iron circular staircase and a gap (hidden by the shrubs) over a 20’ drop to the cellar.
    …several characters fell in and the stairs eventually collapsed. Fortunately, Griangi has a rope tied off so you can climb out later if necessary.

Whispering voices were heard by Raz. She warned the party.
The party is now in a large room with smooth floors and foot-wide channels cut in it. Roots hang down and obscure vision, and there is evidence of a terrible fire that raged there.

Leaving Warren's Mill
21-Temui through 12-Sarixui

A summons to meet with Melchiorre found a strange, smoothly polished red gem with very strange magical properties in his possession. Melchiorre told you it was amongst Galenos’ possessions after his execution. After some investigation, it was determined that it fit into one of four empty sockets on the Horn of Hadrach. The gem melded itself into the socket, however, no one has determined what, if any, new power the horn bears. It was also determined that the deceased Syndic was reporting on your group to his master in Draima, one of the Council of 10, with an eye to whether the Draiman authorities should allow you to keep the Horn. In his opinion, the Horn is currently in good hands.

Traveling out, your group spent a week in the woods outside of Warren’s mill, gathering supplies and allowing Griangi to finish Ragnar’s training. From there, you headed east, with a plan to follow the road out of the forest and then strike out cross-country on a more-or-less straight shot to Draima, hugging the edge of the Broken Spear Plains, and perhaps checking into the Ruins of Lecce some time in the future.

The second night, during Cortez’ watch, three owlbears snuck up on the party and attacked, savaging Juniper, Conrad, and Elvira with claws and vicious beaks. Quick and violent action, coupled with a little luck saved those three mangled characters. The watch schedule was modified to allow for two people on watch at all times.

About a week later, the party stopped at a farm belonging to a middle aged man and his three sons. He described a group of brown-cloaked humans passing through and having people swear allegiance to Hadrach. The farmer seemed to know nothing of Hadrach beyond that. He produced a silver coin with the mark of Hadrach, which was given to Elvira. The evening passed with a great deal of talking, shared food and ale.

Several days later, not far from the small town of Terni and the Broken Spear Plains, you came across a sounder of dire boars, brutal, ugly beasts. Killing one with arrowshot, the rest fled down a gully they were unable to get out of. The party found a crossing and made it the rest of the way to Terni the next day.

Terni is a mining town with an ancient stone fortress on top of a steep, rocky hill, surrounded by wooden palisades and a half-finished stone wall protecting the base. Daub-and-wattle buildings cling to the edges of the hill, and the steep streets make it difficult for horses and carts to move about the town. The singular inn, known as the Silver Squirrel is near the main gate, and the town has a rather high population of half-orcs and half-elves compared to other places in the Combine.

The game ended with Griangi about to have a conversation with a medium sized humanoid, seemingly emanating cold and a faint scent of decay who has been sitting quietly in a booth sipping a glass of red (apparently wine) that he brought in himself. He has a dry, raspy voice like that of old leaves rubbing against eachother.

A Pact With the Damned
12-Sarixui through 16-Sarixui

The undead stranger at the bar, after some conversation, revealed himself to be Travant DeGarde. DeGarde is the Master of Lecce, a ruined city now overrun by undead after a harsh Draiman response to the city’s attempted rebellion. He intrigued the party with promises of help in their quest against Hadrach.

As the group gathered ‘round his table to hear what DeGarde had to say, another stranger entered the scene, whom Cortez recognized as a sword-dancing celebrity from his homeland. After much exuberant fan-worship on Cortez’s part, the newcomer was introduced as Akiara Katsura and Travant suggested we all continue the discussion somewhere more private.

At length, DeGarde revealed that he knows the identity of all of the party members who were marked by their dreamland death in the nightmare battle against Hadrach, and that he is able to magically tune in to the same “channel” of information that caused the dream in the first place. DeGarde also stated that Hadrach is an impostor, and that he helps the party in our mutual best interest, with no request of recompense. To this end, DeGarde told the party that the only ways to end the madness and chaos that loom on the horizon with Hadrach’s return are to collect and keep the Artifacts of Hadrach, including the Horn and Lodestone that the party already possess, and face Hadrach unto death—which would end in bloodshed and ruin—or to destroy said artifacts, which would be Travant’s preference.

To destroy the horn, he said, one must sound each of its five notes in the Pool of Tears, which Raz thought to be an interdimensional body of water that allows travel between the planes of existence. The horn sounds a different note for each gem that may be placed in it, of which the party has attained one.

To destroy the Lodestone, it must be broken upon the Anvil of the World, upon which Temur made Yerth. This would also require interdimensional travel. The business concluded with the party reluctantly agreeing to travel to the ends of the Yerth and beyond to find and destroy the artifacts; DeGarde gave the party an amulet by which they may summon him twice in times of dire need.

As the party dispersed for the evening, Griangi, Cortez and Katsura were approached by a young apprentice wizard, Delini VonRamsey, who requested an escort to Draima for her new political appointment. Cortez fell down drunk, and Akiara and Griangi, after verifying Delini’s identity with her father, the Mayor, agreed to the essentially free money for letting Delini travel with the party.

The party set off the following day, into a foreboding mist. After much discussion and some clever problem solving, the group found a way to navigate in the mist, and began seeing strange lights. After the mist cleared and the party camped for the night, more strange lights were spotted in the distance, and Elvira investigated, discovering an orc camp. The party attacked the camp, and the session ended mid-combat with the orc wolf- and boar-riders.

Oh yeah, and Elvira boned a half-orc and TOTALLY didn’t get pregnant.

16-Sarixui through 23-Sarixui

The party wiped out the orc outriders, but doing so set a wildfire in the Broken Spear Plains. The party moved on 17-Sarixui, and came upon Westfel.

It was utterly destroyed. An army of Orcs, goblinoids, and hill giants laid waste to the city, captured a huge number of slaves and dispersed into the Broken Spear Plains. After searching the city for survivors and finding only one, they moved on towards Draima, pushing hard to get to there more quickly.

The party arrived in Fraviano, to discover it is suffering under the investigation of Justicar Goban Hefurn, looking for Sorcerers.

A Day Among the Doomed

The party gathered together at the Sellspell – Zidar the Fine’s Magic Emporium, however, Cortez mouthed off in elvish about wanting to kill the Justicar – of course, Zidar understood and asked the party to leave. While Cortez went to an alchemist shop, the ladies – Raz, Akiara, Juniper and Delini, all went to wander the town. Griangi and Conrad went to the temple of Palenon and paid 250gp to cast a Sending to Draima. The message went through successfully and the response was a recommendation to return to Draima immediately.

Unfortunately for the party, apparently a group of 4 women – 2 human and two elf, and several of them well-armed – is enough to fill the locals with fear, especially when Juniper starts asking blunt questions about Justicars and sorcerers. Juniper, true to form, then challenged the fleeing locals – who fled to local guards, who then arrested the women and whisked them away to a dungeon under the keep.

After their individual tasks, Cortez, Griangi, Conrad and Elvira were all “collected” by Draiman guards, forced to surrender their weapons (and combat creatures) at the keep and marched across the courtyard into the Wizard’s tower. There, they met Kopf, Syndic of Fraviano, a balding, overweight man with two Consuls at his elbow and the Lord Mayor. Kopf did most of the talking and it became apparent he was quite afraid of the Justicar and the power he holds. He had sent two Golden Birds to Draima and had yet to hear back. Cortez offered to kill the Justicar and Kopf seemed only vaguely willing to entertain the idea, as long as it was not traced back to him, but also warned that the Justicar was a terribly powerful man and not to be crossed. The subject then turned when Conrad spoke of the destruction of Westfel. The Syndic practically panicked, insisting the party immediately go to Draima, without delay, despite half the party was unaccounted for. He seemed to be afraid that the whole of Draima and Fraviano were now exposed to the threat of the Broken Spear Plains now that the Thirios Bridge lay open. He also suggested that they could carry a message directly to Draima about the happenings in Fraviano.

Griangi, Conrad, Cortez and Elvira left the Syndic and decided that they weren’t going to leave the city without the rest of the party. They then proceeded to ask around if anyone had seen the ladies. They very promptly ran into one of the city guards who had arrested the ladies, and noted they were in the dungeon awaiting questioning by the Justicar. Cortez decided to confront Justicar Hefurn who was reportedly taking his dinner up in the Keep. Griangi suggested they just break the women out without facing the Justicar, but apparently Cortez’ blood was up and insisted on going to Justicar Hefurn, suggesting that Griangi should go use his badge to try and get the women released while the Justicar is being confronted.

Meanwhile in the prison, the ladies were subjected to terrible conditions – stone walls, iron bars, lack of drainage or plumbing, offal and rotting bits of flesh… The prison cells in their block each had people, in various states of abuse and trauma. Some raged, others whimpered, but all seemed to be suffering. Juniper decided she had enough and set about to escape with her hidden lockpicks and dagger.

Cortez, Conrad and Juniper burst in on the Justicar, dining with 3 of his Magistrates, two men and a woman. Some angry words were said, but it wasn’t long at all before Cortez leapt across the table, throwing the Justicar’s hot soup in his face, briefly blinding him. In the ensuing melee, it quickly became apparent the three of them, armed only with spiked gauntlets, and an angry druid were hardly a match for three Rogues with magical short swords and a fairly high level, angry Justicar. Cortez was surrounded and hacked at brutally, Elvira turned into a bear and immediately began fighting, laying into the remarkably dexterous female rogue. Conrad waded in as well, Holding one rogue and casting healing spells. It was only about six short rounds before Cortez, bloody and near dead, grabbed the Justicar and physically threw him out the window, down 5 stories to the courtyard below. One of the two rogues apparently decided what is good for the goose is good for the gander, tackled Cortez and took both of them out the window right behind the Justicar. Cortez crashed to the ground, battered and unconscious. Conrad, desperate to help his friend, leapt out the window as well, with a prayer on his lips and a glint of mayhem in his eye. He aimed his considerable bulk at the Justicar, and amazingly, crashed into him, knocking him to the ground again and doing a huge amount of damage to both himself and the Justicar.
Sadly, it was not enough.
Elvira transformed into an eagle in time to watch as Justicar Hefurn stood, gathered his sword, and ran it through Cortez, releasing his soul to the care of the gods. Conrad stood, and prepared to battle Justicar Hefurn, all the while yelling at Elvira to escape. Elvira cast Entangle, capturing the Rogue in the courtyard who had just quaffed a healing potion, but the Justicar escaped the grasping tendrils. He cast a healing spell on himself and ordered Conrad to surrender. A tense moment passed, and finally Elvira fled, and Conrad surrendered himself to their custody.

Inside the prison, Akiara was able to distract the guard with her screams of horror at the conditions of cells while Juniper unlocked her cell, crept up behind the guard and murdered him, splattering Akiara with his blood. The rest of the escape attempt released 10 other prisoners, and discovered a regime of horror and torture. Breaking out of the cell block and into the central guard room found Juniper using a scroll of Burning Hands and burning down two more guards. Akiara also started a smoky fire down the hall and when the outer door was opened, Akiara, Juniper, Raz and Delini found themselves face to face with Griangi and several shocked looking guards. “The place is on fire!” screamed Akiara, and the guards leapt to action – two running back down the corridor for help, while the other two pushed past the group to extinguish the flames.

Juniper led the group out of the keep and Elvira joined the companions, remaining in her eagle form. A tense and brief few moments passed while Griangi translated the Elvira-eagle’s statements that Cortez was dead and Conrad captured. As the sun set on Fraviano, we left the party debating their choices – escape the city across one of the bridges and spend the night among the farms and rural lands nearby, or seek refuge somewhere in the city, as Juniper mentioned she may be able to find assistance for the party with the Bloody Hand Cartel, a criminal organization found throughout the Draiman Combine. A vote was called and (correct me if I’m wrong) the results stood at:
Raz and Akiara: Leave the city. Spend the night in as safe a place as can be found. Determine what action to take about Conrad once rested.
Elvira and Juniper: Stay in the city. Make plans to rescue Conrad at the earliest convenience.
Delini was not given a vote, but she voiced her opinion anyway: move on immediately to Draima.
The party now looks at Griangi to make the final decision.

Death in the Streets

Dawn on the 25th of Sarixui: the day of Balance, in which the priests of the temple hold a weekly communal service to remind people to keep their lives and the world around them in balance.

The night before, Shakaari Voco had sent her familiar to attempt to help Conrad. This resulted in a rather confused (and thoroughly gullible) acolyte at the local Pantheon, and Conrad getting a holy symbol. Conrad’s fate was looking up… until he attempted to perform his religious ritual, which ended in 3 guards entering his cell, beating him senseless and taking the holy symbol from him.

Juniper was off to meet with Maliron the Fist, Kidios of Fraviano. There she discovered the Kidios knows of someone who can help bring down the Justicar, but first, she had to demonstrate her dedication to the cause. He asked her and her group to prevent the arrest of a baker by the Justicar’s guards, in a “clear and violent manner”. He also promised assistance from one of his men, who would arrive later.

Juniper returned to the Bookseller and Cymbal Pub, and found Marquis Dolus VonEdgar recruiting an army in the town square. He reported Oldatia Keep on the southern border of the Draiman Combine fell, allowing an army to march through, past Gaipur and north into the region around Chulac, where they rampage and destroy at will. His mission to the Council of Ten to request an army failed, apparently because Gaipur stands unmolested. He blames the Chair of the Summoner, Aminda Voco for his humiliation at the hands of the Council of Ten. Now he is raising an army of his own as he heads south to combat the threat to Chulac. He was honestly surprised at the news of Westfel’s destruction. Shakaari Voco got along very well with the Marquis, and he said if they need anything he’s staying at House Morios outside of town.

The party then met Rothgar at the Bookseller and Cymbal, a dangerous-looking man armed with a bow. They set up an ambush outside of Edwin’s Bakery: Raz, Juniper, Elvira, and Expey on the street close at hand, Shakaari and Rothgar on a roof across the street, and Akiara on the roof of the bakery.

Shortly a Magistrate, 3 guards and a Sergeant arrived and cordoned off the area, demanding Edwin’s surrender. 18 seconds later, the magistrate and the three of the guards lay dead in the middle of the street. The magistrate had several arrows in his back, one guard’s head was nearly chewed off, the second’s head sliced off, the third’s body found some distance away with an arrow in the back of the skull, having failed to escape with his life. The survivor, a Sergeant, was left manacled to a post, stripped almost bare, blood from his wounds used to make a bloody handprint on the face of the magistrate.

A quick search of the bakery found a magically trapped leather scroll hidden underneath one of the display cases – this was given to Rothgar to return to Maliron. The party (plus Rothgar) then gathered back at the Bookseller and Cymbal pub to discuss options and meet someone sent by Maliron around 2pm.


On the way back to the inn, Griangi took a moment to speak with Dolus VonEdgar, Marquis of Chulac. He invited Griangi to join his army, and said that demihumans were more widely accepted by the Chulaci. Griangi considered, but declined.
Not long after, inside the Cymbal and Bookseller Pub, a couple elves rushed in, settled accounts and warned the guards and magistrates are arresting every elf in the city, trying to find some people who “murdered several guards in the Market Square”.

The party left to gather their things, several going upstairs, while Griangi went out front, and spoke to the people of the city, warning that soon the Justicar would fall, and the city would be freed – the people must be ready. Kidios Maliron the Fist arrived in time to escort the party and escape from pursuing guards. He took them to meet Content Not Found: erak-vonnyntis, a member of the Guild of Trades, who had hired Tavirend the Merry and his mercenary band, Crossroads Legion, to assault the keep and kill Justicar Hefurn. However, He wouldn’t do it until someone could guarantee the keeps gates would stay open, as the 100 men he brought with him wouldn’t be able to take the keep if the gates were functional.

The party made plans to sneak into the keep and sabotage the gate controls, and Juniper, Rothgar, Shakaari, Elvira and Kia executed the plans. Bloodshed, fire and death followed the party as they killed guards, destroyed gates, and sowed chaos throughout the keep, using the store of oil for the murder holes to fuel the fire. Griangi stayed back with Tavirend and the Crossroads Legion, until they saw the keep was on fire. Elvira brought Griangi and Tavirend a message that the mission to destroy the gates was successful, and the main assault began.

Griangi, Elvira, Tavirend the Merry, and more than 100 members of the Crossroads Legion and local peasants charged the keep, running down any guards who stood in their way. Once through the tunnel and into the fortress proper, the attackers spread out, killing and burning as they went. Tavirend headed into the garrison to find the Justicar, and the party regrouped to rescue Conrad and the other civilians of Fraviano from the dungeons.

Under the keep, the party found a number of horribly tortured civilians and dozens of imprisoned civilians. The party freed as many people as they could, grabbed anything that looked valuable from some kind of store room, and when smoke from upstairs began to creep into the dungeon, they set an office full of papers and confessions on fire. Conrad was located, his right foot mangled and hobbled, and slightly delirious from his ordeal.

Once out of the dungeon, the party ran into Tavirend again, and he had the Horn and Lodestone of Hadrach as loot. He gave them up and told the party the Justicar had escaped. As the party left the fortress of Fraviano, the garrison was fully engulfed in flames, and the keep was similarly burning. Syndic Kopf was holed up in his tower desperately trying to keep people out, and the party headed back to the Bookseller and Cymbal Pub, to regroup, lick their wounds and consider their next move.

Saving Lives

After rescuing Conrad, the party quickly discussed their options and decided that leaving Syndic Kopf alive and free was a bad option, especially if it meant the Crossroads Legion was able to lay claim to any magic items stored in the tower.

The party charged forward, some helping Crossroads Legion to gain access to the tower, others attempting to climb the upper levels where the windows were. Lightning bolts, arrows and other spells rained down, and the party did their best to protect themselves while assaulting the tower. Unbeknownst to the party, Syndic Kopf had already fled to Draima and left his apprentices and the Draiman Guard to hold the tower. This gave the Draimans enough time to prepare a counter-attack.

The first hint was was a small pop and a small glowing bead, which was quickly identified as a delayed blast fireball. The people closest to the bead fled, escaping just before the bead detonated, creating a massive blast, scattering unfortunate mercenaries and the bodies of the dead across the courtyard. As the smoke and ash cleared from the explosion, swept away into the vortex created by the burning keep behind them, five figures stand in the blackened, shallow crater. Two gleaming elite Draiman guards: Ast Hetairoi, an armored cleric in the livery of Temur, and two Draiman wizards; a high-ranking Theurge and his apprentice. Their dark glares and battle-ready stance lending to the palpable aura of menace around them.

The Theurge demanded the surrender of everyone in the courtyard, battle paused for a moment, confused at the newcomers. Shakaari, thinking quickly, was able to establish her credentials as a sanctioned wizard, and hold off their attack. Seconds later, 16 additional Draiman hoplites arrived in groups of 4 via teleport. The party surrendered and Shakaari presented the writ of promotion, her orders to replace the deceased Syndic Kopf, to the wizard who introduced himself as Theurge Chidel. He accepted the party’s reasons for attacking the tower and ordered them back to the inn.

The city was placed under martial law, only official business allowed on the streets. Once at the Bookseller and Cymbal pub, Conrad chose to go to the local pantheon to restore the function of his feet and ask to be taken on as an attendant priest. The local Minister accepted his request when Conrad explained that he knew the town would need spiritual guidance and healing and he wanted to help with those tasks.

Juniper and Rothgar snuck out of the inn to go meet Maliron the Fist, and he thanked them for their assistance – and asked them to deliver a gem to a person in the Sprawl

Later that evening, Theurge Chidel dropped in unofficially, and talked to the party further about the local goings-on and the troubles they’ve been through. It was revealed Theurge Chidel studied under Syndic Droche, and Magistrate Phaedro was executed for treason – “something about black stone towers in the wilderness”. The party in turn shared their adventures to date, and Chidel warned them of political unrest in Draima: House Voco is the most obvious, but there are other seated members of the Council of 10 that are struggling as well.

He said that should they encounter any issues, they can find an ally in Theurge Oskel in Draima.


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