Tear of the Fallen Gods

An ancient, powerful gem


Full biography: Tear of the Fallen Gods
Said to have been created by Laifa, she preserved a small piece of the souls of a thousand Neagods. With these strands, she wove them together into a beautiful crystal. Imbued with the knowledge of the Neagods, it pulses with power and light. When it was completed, she placed it on her mantle and kept it close as Temur molded the Second World.
It is said that the Tear of the Fallen Gods fell from her mantle and was lost when the Third World was created.

Rumors tell that it has been found by the mortals of the Third World from time to time, and that touching it once will let you hear the secrets of the First World. Of course, mortals being what they are, few can resist touching the Tear a second time, but it is said it leads inevitably to madness, terror, destruction and death.

Tear of the Fallen Gods

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