Lodestone of Hadrach

Sometimes refered to as the Mind of Hadrach


The original stone was a smooth, spherical, silvery-black stone with no other features. Centuries ago it was split into 3 equal shards, the broken edges uneven.
Rumored powers: Unknown

Currently all three pieces are in possession of Hadrach.


Journal page found underneath the Black Tower

297 NE
Woe betide the soul that touches the Lodestone of Fate. Their existence is thrice-cursed as that of Hadrach the Ever-King.

Thale, friend and warrior renown for the Scouring of Gdab, has been shackled by the Lodestone, the weight of ages, and the wroth of the gods themselves.

We had tried to destroy the Lodestone. Striking it shatters the strongest arms. Fire and Ice are of no use. Our greatest efforts were for naught against the great strength of Lodestone, yet now it lays broken. As if sent by Temur hisself, Murgle came and ate the sun. In the twilight moments as Murgle burned, the Lodestone was rendered powerless and Lea the Wise struck it with the mighty Mace of Chorth. It was thus that Hadrach the Ever-King’s Lodestone was shattered. The sound of it breaking was a thunderclap heard for miles. After Lea recovered, a mark remained in the surface of the indestructible Mace of Chorth, the only mark to mar its perfect surface. No smith has succeeded buffing the mark out.

Thale has not been freed, however. After the shattering , he wailed and wept for 3 days, lamenting the efforts of Temur. He dreams each night, shaking violently, terror evident in his every whimper. Upon awakening, he is driven to record his dreams – the nightmares he brings forth on his pages are disturbing enough to us who view them.

This curse, this disease, has been impossible to break. The wisest of the healers and the greatest of the wizards are befuddled, and insist Thale remain here in Tyzell whilst we search for a cure. Tales tell us of a well deep in the jungles of Schell which may hold an answer. Upon our departure, he handed me one of his drawings. He insists that I keep it with my journal. I have promised I would.

Lodestone of Hadrach

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