Last Human Empire


History of the fall of Hadrach’s Empire and the fracturing into disparate kingdoms.

According to the book:

  • Hadrach’s Empire encompassed all of the old world and stretched all the way up to the second capital, Draima’Lathon, the City of Wyrms.
  • The forces that opposed Hadrach were most likely humans influenced by demons, nations of people who refused to bow to Hadrach’s will; not necessarily nations led by sorcerers.
  • Some of Hadrach’s ‘most loyal’ servants betrayed him, drawing him and his armies into a trap – the trap succeeded in killing Hadrach. In doing so, it backfired and gave his armies the impetus to destroy their enemies.
  • The subsequent battles tore the Empire apart, and they were as much over his legendary items as they were over territory and power. The battles separated the different lands and scattered Hadrach’s artifacts. It wasn’t long before the Old World lost touch with the lands around Draima’Lathon.

Last Human Empire

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