Journal of Doral

Nonmagical book with comprehensive descriptions for teleport


The Journal has descriptions of places throughout the world, each with enough clarity to allow anyone who studies a page to teleport to the location safely without having seen it.

Some pages have been damaged and some locations have changed since it was last updated.
Major locations have a 75% chance of working,
Major locations are locations in capitals, palaces, widely recognized landmarks, and other well known places such as a World Wonder.
Minor locations have a 40% chance of working.
Minor locations are usually Draiman wizard towers, less known landmarks, some cities.

This roll is made in secret by the GM.

If the roll is successful, the description is clear enough and the location is intact such that the wizard can use Teleport with the “Studied Carefully” level of familiarity.
If the roll is unsuccessful, the GM must determine which of the other familiarity options is most appropriate.


Doral was a Draiman wizard who attempted to make a secure network of locations people could teleport to. His first attempt was to explore the world and record the descriptions of permanent or semi-permanent locations so a wizard could read the location and teleport there safely.
Doral worked out treaties with many different peoples across the world to secure locations for the Journal. The book has been missing for over 150 years from the Library of Draima, and never updated. At the time it was submitted, all of the locations described were up to date and correct.

The dark leather bound cover has a latch binding it closed. A Caster Level check DC 19 must be attempted to open the book. Use Magic Device can also be attempted at DC 24

Journal of Doral

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