Horn of Hadrach

Sometimes refered to the Soul of Hadrach

musical instrument

This long black metal horn is fashioned to look like a spiraled antelope horn. The bell of the horn has a band around it, engraved with ancient, undecipherable runes and designs. Four empty gem sockets are evenly spaced around the band. The gems have been missing for centuries.

Known powers:
No Gems: Bless once per day. Caster level 5
Gem 1: Gust of Wind 3/day
Gem 2: Discordant Blast 2/day
Gem 3: Move Earth 1/day
Gem 4: No Gem

Legendary Power: equivalent to the number of gems installed in the horn.
Legendary Surge: +D6 to Concentration checks and caster level checks (when using the Horn)

A bonded creature may use 1 point of Legendary power to activate the mythic version of each spell.


Horn of Hadrach

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