Book: History of Nothing


A book by Adid Halibi, detailing how the element of Void has been examined and eventually struck from the elemental map of the multiverse. He presents two schools of thought:

*The Schools of Draima teach that Void is the result of opposing elements coming together; Air negates Earth, Fire negates Water. As such it is not an element that can be harnessed – simply a force that must be worked around.
*The Schools of the West teach the study of elements as a path – each step must be learned before one can move on to the next. As such, when an Elementalist finally settles on their element, it is the next in the wheel that is their opposing element. In this model, Void is ultimate step – an expression of mastery over all of the elements. It is said no mortal has ever achieved total understanding.

This book has a number of notes and equations written in the margins, made by Thrandir. You are unsure what these could mean.


Book: History of Nothing

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