Etult's Earth


It is said this pure earth, Etult’s Earth, has versatile, powerful magic.

Rumors offer wide-ranging abilities:

  • It can be used to fix any broken item.
  • A small handful will guarantee rich crops from a single field for 100 years.
  • Dissolving a small amount into the drink of a sick person will cure them of all ailments.
  • Eating a spoonful will make an old man young and healthy and strong, taking 50 years from his age.
  • Feeding a pinch to a child will guarantee long, healthy life.

Early in the Second World, Murgle gave a handful of earth as a gift to his brother, Grunnush. This soil was taken from the most fertile land, a place of plentiful food and healthy people. Grunnush was enraptured by the earth, and kept it in a flask in the Palace of the Gods, far from their father’s sight. It was his most valued treasure. He would pull it out and smell the rich sent of the earth, run it through his fingers and long for the world below. When Grunnush eventually leapt from the Palace of the Gods, he took his flask with him. Plummeting to the ground, the impact shook the ground and cracked the flask. As Grunnush lay there, unconscious and dreaming, some of the pure earth from the flask leaked out. Grunnush was finally found and awoken by his servant, Etult. Grunnush first thought he was in the paradise of the Second World, but it was only a lush garden surviving on the pure earth that had leaked from the flask. As he explored further, he quickly learned of the destruction he had brought to the world. Distraught, he wandered further, surveying the devastation, only for the despair to drive him even further into madness.

In his sorrow, Grunnush gave the flask to Etult, who followed Grunnush everywhere, and occasionally, a drop would leak out of the cracked flask. This earth from the world prior to Grunnush’s fall remained untainted by the ruin around it. As the Second World died, the drops of this pure earth survived the making of the Third World. Some legends say that Etult even gave small amounts to the mortals of the Third World to help them prosper and grow.

Some scholars say this pure earth, this Etult’s Earth, survived the making of Third World because of the centuries Grunnush spent examining it in the Palace of the Gods. Others insist that the soil of the Second World was so pure and fertile, that only the blood of gods could poison it. The earth in the flask was protected from Grunnush’s fall and his dreams.

Like a Philosopher’s Stone, if anyone has discovered how to make Etult’s Earth, their knowledge remains a powerful and much-coveted secret.

Excerpt from the Book of Seven Shadows:
(believed to be an account of the flask and Etult’s Earth)
“The Emperor, long live He who Rules, sent forth summons to bring all Lords to Him, from the edge of the Cursed Lands to the Gates of Berethor, as far south as the Tower of Haal and north to the Teeth of Urkuzu. Many Lords came before the Lord of All, long may He reign, to hear His words and look upon His deific countenance. The Emperor, may His sight fall on each of us, looked upon those who came and demanded their allegiance and submission. Seven of every ten Lords bent knee to the Master of Sentients, may His wisdom guide us. The hubris of the Heresiarchs invoked the wrath of the Emperor, forever may they burn out of His sight. The Heresiarchs were struck dead by His lightning and their subjects named Heretics.
“The faithful Lords were then honored in His sight, and the Cracked Flask was brought forth. The Emperor, may His generosity touch us all, bestowed a single drop of the Elixir Eternal to each of the Lords, guaranteeing their standing in the New Empire, may Uliss stand for one thousand years.”

Etult's Earth

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