Collar of Containment

A cursed item that makes using magic costly to the caster.


Slot neck; Aura moderate abjuration; CL 15th; Weight 1 lb.

This black iron collar appears seamless when it is worn around a being’s neck. A single rune is shaped into the collar and glows when the character attempts to use a spell. Any time the character attempts to use a spell, magical special ability, or spell completion item, they suffer 2 points of Constitution damage before the spell or ability works.

Putting the Collar on a character can only be done to helpless characters and is a full-round action. When not worn, the collar appears to be a black iron bar. Placing it on a helpless character’s neck and activating the rune will cause the bar to bend closed and shrink to a size that is not uncomfortable, but also cannot be removed.


The Fellowship of Hadrach use these collars to enslave casters and demihumans that have proven to be dangerous or difficult to manage.

Collar of Containment

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