Book: Tears of Marsa


There are two copies of the Tears of Marsa, the real one and the fake one.

A small book, no more than 8” tall, 6” wide and 1” thick. The cover is made of woven reeds and the center of it is a moonstone cut in the shape of a teardrop. Beyond that, the book seems unremarkable. No clasp holds it shut.
Opening the book to the first page, one can see that instead of the carefully illuminated script of most religious texts, this book has a handwritten scrawl across it:

Greetings, noble being, anointed Hand of Fate.
If this book is open, your world is on the brink of destruction.
The ritual contained herein may be of some use… in the right place, at the right time.
I wish you luck.

Hadrach, Hand of Fate, Lord of Man
Keeper of the Truth.

The writing, as soon as it is read, fades away. The rest of the pages are filled with complex formulae, detailed descriptions of steps and prayers. This is unlike any prayer book to gain the favor of a god’s servants in order to obtain spells. This reads almost like a wizard’s spell.

The writing on the inside of the book is only visible to creatures with mythic power.

This book is far more ostentatious. Gold plated covers, metal sheets with etched words inside. The writing in the book is clearly visible to any who look upon it, and by all accounts, it has complex prayers for only the most advanced of Marsa’s priests.


Book: Tears of Marsa

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