Book - Betrayal of Juan Marcos


This worn book looks to have been neglected for ages. The leather and cloth cover is stained and worn, the title faded to near illegibility. The book is narrow and fairly small, probably no more than a few hundred pages thick. Opening it, you find the interior lettering is remarkably uniform and straight, as if made by master scribes. Small woodcuts adorn the top of the chapter headings.

While you struggle to remember the specific passages, you are able to recall the book is about a hitherto unknown companion to Hadrach the Everking, Juan Marcos. It is an annotated transcription of a diary which details the chaotic months after the death of the Everking at the hands of the Demon Keziah. Despite large gaps between dates, Juan Marcos describes how he knew the alliance Hadrach had brought together would collapse as the different factions vied for power. He realized that if “Hadrach’s Treasures” remained in the possession of the different factions, a new war would erupt, as bad, if not worse than what had gone before. So he took the 5 treasures – The Rage, Hope, Soul, Mind and Heart and hid them throughout the world. The journal is a little cryptic, clearly used to sort out Juan Marcos’ feelings on the matter more than to provide explicit descriptions or guidance to the Treasures.

The Rage has been placed on the Crown of Dwarf Lord Tharmem Brightbringer.
The Hope stands in The Hall of Temur (you have heard of this place in the Giantlands)
The Soul was placed in the Nest of Jun Fon, the first Phoenix
The Mind was hidden in the Hoard of Dendan, upon the Drakkenstone
The Heart was given to Warmaster Chorth.

Juan Marcos seemed the most conflicted about giving up the Heart, but in the end was certain he had made the right choice.
After hiding the Treasures, his actions were discovered, and he became a pariah to his people, characterized as a traitor to humanity. As was apparently the custom at the time, his name was struck from all records. Towards the end of the book, it seems Juan Marcos became more and more paranoid. The final page of the journal is a comment by the annotator stating that Juan Marcos vanished entirely, though some believe he was was killed by the Bloody Hand assassins guild.


Book - Betrayal of Juan Marcos

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