Return of Hadrach

The party set out that night to find the last of the werewolves plaguing the city of Tesra. Scouting through the city, around midnight, they finally come upon a group of wolves led by a huge dire wolf. A pitched battle ensued, and after the last of the wolves had been dispatched, they discovered it was a druid in control of a pack of vicious wolves.

Having killed the wolves, Baron Gleushau scheduled an appointment with Admiral Farinost to negotiate for his shard of the Lodestone of Hadrach. He revealed that he did indeed have the shard and would be willing to trade it for a pound of Etult’s Earth. The trek would take them far to the north, a place called Uliss, where it is rumored some of the substance remains.

They also learned that the city of Chytri has fallen under the influence of a black tower and little information comes from there. The party vowed to go to Chytri in hopes of finding the Necromancer Anmor, so they could kill her.

The party gathered their belongings and set out on a trek to the city of Chytri via ship.


Striogi Striogi

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