Return of Hadrach

Under the City


After a great number of questions asked and answered, the heroes were saddened to learn one of their own, Razad “Raz” Shegar, chose to step away from the group and pursue a safer, more academic lifestyle. The party forged ahead, following their clues to explore the depths of tunnels and caverns under Draima, hoping to find the location of the Bone Devil’s lair, and slay it.

In wandering around the depths of the caverns, a veritable city of chambers, galleries and tunnels, all abandoned by whoever lived there before. Deep in the tunnels they found a study with a single older man who introduced himself as Kal. Once he learned they were after the Bone Devil, Kal guided them through the tunnels and galleries to a point where he explained if they went one direction, they would find the Eternal Stair. The other direction would lead them into a particularly dangerous part of the tunnels that he promised would lead to the Bone Devil.

The party climbed the Eternal Stair to prepare for a foray into the depths underneath Draima. After preparing, they returned to tunnels underneath Draima. Fighting through the horrors, they found the lair of the Bone Devil, fought it, and defeated it.


Striogi Striogi

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