Return of Hadrach

Showdown at the House of Dead Leaves

26-Novui "Come back here so I can kill you!" -Griangi

“Brave adventurers – the Heroes of Chytri. Welcome to my abode. Tell me, given the chance to leave now with your lives, would you take it?”

The half-orc necromancer Reynnard offered our heroes a large chest of treasure to go away and leave him alone, which they refused. The battle began in earnest, with Jinora and Griangi leading the charge against Hadrach’s servant while Shakaari attempted, in vain, to summon a creature that could carry off the black orb which had created the tower. In desperation, the half-orc summoned a Barbed Devil, which, after taking stock of the situation, burned the Voco girl to ashes with a single spell.

Without stopping to mourn their loss, the champions pressed their attack. The swords of Akiara and the axe of Griangi kept the necromancer pinned down so that Rothgar could continue filling him with arrows. Cornered, the servant of evil revealed himself to be another Barbed Devil. Reynnard the Devil ordered the summoned Devil to protect the tower’s orb and to kill the party, then teleported away. Jinora, the brave cavalier, fell to the infernal creature’s claws. Finally, fearing for its continued existence, the summoned devil fled, taking the orb with it.

With the loss of the artifact which spawned it, the tower began to collapse, and our heroes fled for their lives. Once, outside, they saw the chaos created by the burning barracks, the collapsing tower and the gouts of flame. Troll soldiers spotted the party and chased them off of the cliff into the ocean and Marigold cleverly used Feather Fall to keep them from turning themselves into paste at the bottom of the cliffs. Once in the water, they swam ashore, seeing the enemy fleet weighing anchor and sailing away.

The people of Chytri and the forces of Tesra rejoiced at the defeat of Hadrach’s minions. In honor of their sacrifice, an elvish druid brought Jinora and Shakaari back to life… as dwarves.


Striogi Striogi

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