Return of Hadrach

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7-Etnui through 11-Etnui

Several days have passed while the party has pursued leads regarding the Bone Devil that erupted from Aledar Kosul’s body. A list of facts have been discovered:

- Apparent connection to School of Conjurers

Additionally, each night since the Bone Devil emerged, it has attacked a family and kidnapped one member, killing anyone else in the room.

In the middle of the investigation, a terrible explosion engulfs the Conjurer wing of the School, collapsing one major tower and raining debris across a wide area. The tragedy was witnessed from the roof of House Augraine and predicted by Shakaari’s mother – who at that point said, “And so passes Ludavik Voco, unloved heir of House Voco, survived by his single daughter, Shakaari. May the gods have mercy on her soul.”

After 4 nights, the party found an anomaly when the Devil apparently attacked two homes. Further investigation revealed one of them was a librarian for the School of Conjuration who faked an attack on her home, attempting to escape with her daughter.

The party caught up with her the next day, getting her away from the Bloody Hand Cartel.

That afternoon, the party ventured into the tunnels underneath Draima through one of the Cartel’s access points. Hours of wandering through the tunnels underneath Draima found a veritable underground city, apparently abandoned by the surface. Deep underneath the city, the party met an older, rotund, red-headed man who called himself Kal (later his name was told to be Kalithrax). Kal seemed confident and wise, aware of a great many things. However, when the party mentioned Travant DeGarde, Kal became very serious and said that DeGarde wouldn’t be able to help them here.

A great deal was discussed, but among them, several points stood out:

- Kal is not a fan of the Council of 10 or the especially House Voco.

When the party declared their intention to destroy the Bone Devil, Kal offered to lead them to its lair, and they accepted. He led them down through dusty corridors and ancient galleries to a stairway set in a floor. A foul odor wafting up from the darkness. He also left instructions on how to escape from here, a quick 10 minute walk and up the Eternal Stair


Heh. We’re searching for The Devil.

Questions and Answers
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