Return of Hadrach

Quagmires and Questions

11-13 Apirui

After the party made their way through the depths of the Blood Sepulchre, they stared at the spiritual remnants of their former compatriots. Cortez, the “dead” (from Purgatory), Conrad, sporting a halo of the “elect” (from Heaven), and Thrandir, Jinora, and Marigold, all as “chosen” (from Elysium). Behind them the massive wyrm waited for the party to follow through on their agreement to help it escape.

After gathering up the strange “treasures” in the other room, and after much convincing, the party shrunk the wyrm and teleported it to the exterior of the Blood Sepulchre. The party then put all the petitioners and a number of their own members into bags of holding and teleported to the boathouse where Veronica waited with the survivors of Juniper’s chain gang. Szessmia arrived early, and after realizing the party had grown too large for her to transport aboard her boat, a great deal more discussion was had. Bargaining was done, and when all complete, Szessmia chose to cut her trip in Hell short. She used a small circular iron pendant not unlike Griangi’s own, and opened a gate which everyone passed through to another plane; infact, directly to Szessmia’s home in Utopia, the plane of order.

Szessmia and her square-bearded dwarf butler offered the group shelter and food so they could recover; baths were had and time was spent talking with the petitioners and the other rescuees. Dinner was served and a friend of Szessmia met the party a dark blue-skinned elf called ___. He claimed to be a creature of distant legend, a species of elves called “Drow” (Elf legend tells that they were wiped out after entrapping and killing the Immortal Elf Lord Shessorae, in a failed bid to end the Elfwar; Dwarves have their own, separate legends). Quite a bit was learned in Utopia, including legends of a Dracolich buried underneath Belnesse, that Szessmia is a collector of knowledge as well as rare treasures, and is rather ridiculously wealthy.

The party was given the chance to explore this district of Utopia, and encountered innumerable races from across the planes shopping here for magics of all sorts. The party took the opportunity to do shopping of their own, and while the party was out Mason discussed serious matters with the petitioner that was Thrandir… resulting in the destruction of the petitioner and the resurrection of Thrandir.

Thrandir took the remaining petitioners to the Boneyard, a neutral plane where the souls of the dead are sorted for their ultimate reward. From there, the party plane shifted back to the Prime Material Plane, on Yerth, landing on a small island some 300 miles from the Tesran capital city, Chytri. On this small island, the party found a suspicious fishing village which turned out to be a cove of smugglers posing as fishermen… The party shrugged their shoulders and teleported to Chytri, where everything still seems to be in order.


Striogi Striogi

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