Return of Hadrach

Preparations and Cultists

5-Galenui through 23-Galenui

The party was transported far up into the mountains where they intercepted Nazal in an ambush and killed him near the rumored goblin city of Firecrag. From the deathbed of Nazal, after stripping his hide and removing his head, the party asked Svedjanna the Norn to bring them back to Urga.
Lifting the Tear of the Fallen Gods over her head, the party was transported to the base of an ancient, collapsed black tower.
Inside was a deep pit, the floor inlaid with silver magical designs and a cracked crystal orb.
The magic designs turned out to be a Devil Gate, which Shakaari proclaimed was hidden inside each of the newer towers. Svedjanna declared the cracked orb to be a Seed of a Bastion of Hell. The tower’s ruins, covered in dangerous, evil runes was determined to be too difficult to bury. The party chose to take the Seed and be on their way.

Returning to Urga, the party was greeted by grateful citizens and officials. The next two days involved dining with Count Artem, staying at the palace, a parade, a ball and culminated in a ceremony where the entire party was knighted and presented with the bounty of 15,000 gold for Nazal.

The next 3 weeks or so was spent in Urga, forging items, helping the citizens, and training.

On the 23rd of Galenui, the party spotted three Cultists of Hadrach who lured the party into an alley – and were set upon by a pair of assassins as well. The party dispatched them, though the two assassins seemed horrifically mutated. Upon their deaths though, their bodies seemed normal.

The party expects to be leaving Urga for Vershina post haste.


Striogi Striogi

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