Return of Hadrach

New Beginnings are More of the Same


After Shakari sent a couple of air elementals to destroy the sails of the pursuing ship, leaving them far behind your own ship, the Kestrel’s Fortune made it into the port city of Tesra, capital of the Nation of Tesra.

Once there, Baron Gleushau, Master of the port, warned the captain of your ship to keep his people aboard, especially at night as there have been a number of wolf killings and disappearances in the city over the last week. He contracted the party to hunt down the wolves, and in return, he would provide history on the Admiralty of Tesra. The party also learned of Ferinost, the only man in the history of Tesra to have climbed to the rank of Grand Admiral from the lowly rank of cabinboy. If the party successfully wiped out the wolf threat and provided proof, then Baron Gleushau would set up a meeting with Grand Admiral Ferinost.
The party also asked for a list of names of the dead and missing, and access to the most recent killings.

Entering the city, found an inn called the Purple Hearth, a high-end inn not far from the market district. The party later looked for someone to purchase the books found underneath Draima. They located Wizard Mazukel who offered 2,500gp each. Not entirely satisfied with the offer, the party asked Mazukel to find a buyer for a 10% commission.

They also looked at the bodies which had not yet been prepared for burial and Jinora determined that they were actually victims of a werewolf attack. The party purchased a couple bottles of Silversheen and went hunting werewolves that night.

They heard about 6 wolves howling that night and later in the deep fog of the night, found two werewolves attacking a couple. The party successfully killed the two werewolves, rescuing the civilians. A humanoid figure was spotted watching the fight from atop a roof, but then vanished. The party then reported to Baron Gleushau and on the way back to the Purple Hearth, Jinora vanished while the group passed through a strangely thick bank of fog. The remaining party members made it back to the Purple Hearth hoping to find her, but she is entirely missing.


Striogi Striogi

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