Return of Hadrach

Little Girls and Abbatoirs

6-Laifus through 18-Laifus

The party awakens in an inn of Chytri, almost two weeks having passed since they boarded the ship in Tesra. after discovering that the city of Chytri is afflicted by one of Anmor’s necromantic towers, the party makes plans to destroy it. The discussion reaches an impasse with some, notably Shakaari, advocating an immediate frontal-but-stealthy assault on the tower and others advocating inciting forces within the city to open revolt. The issue is further complicated by the existence of a cadre of trolls who hold prisoner a stock of elves and other humanoids for the purposes of butchering and consuming them.

In the midst of this discussion, Jarbold, Herald of Griangi, dusty and exhausted from a long wild goose chase, rejoins the party and begs his master’s forgiveness, believing that Shakaari’s ruse was a sort of punishment for having displeased the mighty gnomish warrior. Shakaari informs the bard that she needed him to spread the outrageous lie that Griangi intended to raise an army to sack Voruub and thereafter marry Akiara atop a pile of innocent corpses in order to cover their escape from the Draiman Combine. When Akiara objects, being apparently unaware that this was an element of the ruse, Shakaari apologizes for suggesting that anyone would ever marry the elven swordmaster.

A compromise is reached when it is suggested that others (including and especially Jarbold) be sent to rescue the trolls’ captives at the same time the party assaults the tower. The party is approached by Edire, an elf merchant who owns gold foundries across the bay. Edire declares that he will not help unless the party first rescues his daughter from the stockyard; when Shakaari declares that his daughter is not worth the whole city, Edire storms off. Griangi admonishes the girl for letting her self-righteousness overwhelm her diplomatic skills, and orders her to chase the man down. Tail between her legs, the conjurer pursues the merchant through the city and manages to convince him to come back to the negotiation. Finally, at the insistence of Juniper, who’d gone days without stabbing anything and was experiencing withdrawal symptoms, the party decides to just go kill the trolls and get it over with.

But first, a scouting mission — Rothgar, Akiara, Juniper, and Keets go down to the trolls’ warehouse to get the layout of the area and work out the logistics. With a toss from Juniper, Keets infiltrates the warehouse via a high window. The poor brownie is immediately overcome by the stench of trolls, humanoid waste and unwashed bodies; but, rather than give in to nausea, she bravely soldiers on. Juniper, Rothgar, and Akiara scout the outside of the warehouse and the surrounding buildings, observing that the entrance is guarded by three trolls and that its supply of meat is regularly supplemented by passers-by, who are grabbed by the guards and tossed straight in the waiting hands of the butcher. Keets, on the inside, observed the butcher immediately put one on the block and begin making human chops. Keets looks around for an elven girl matching the description of the merchant’s daughter, and discovers one, who turns out to not be the girl she was looking for. This girl, however, loudly begins calling for the actual target, riling up the other prisoners and drawing the attention of one of the trolls. Upon discovering the girl in question and realizing she’d potentially just gotten the girl killed, the brownie shoves her master’s Cloak of Elvenkind onto the girl and tells her to hide before disappearing with out so much as a puff of smoke.

The party comes back at night and gets ready for the assault. Shakaari places a Clairvoyance sensor in the middle of the warehouse. Akiara uses a stolen cart to conceal the party members on the ground and give them the element of surprise. Akiara, Griangi, and Juniper attack the trolls guarding the front entrance while Rothgar fills them full of arrows from a distance. Shakaari, from a nearby roof, summons a Hound Archon while Keets takes up a sniper position with the Wand of Scorching Ray. Griangi keeps the trolls attention as Kia and Juniper cut them to ribbons and Rothgar continually rains destruction upon them. Keets attempts to burn the trolls from the rooftop, but accidentally drops the wand, and jumps down to retrieve it. Finally, as the warriors bring the last troll down, Shakaari decides to teleport in, taking the Archon with her, only to find herself surrounded by four angry, armed trolls, with no exit…


Striogi Striogi

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